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Monday, June 30, 2014

Elegant Gestures We Love

This past weekend I was at the grocery store picking up a few items and looking at some magazines. While waiting I started to skim through the current issue of Real Simple. I stumbled on an article called "What Polite Gesture Never Fails to Impress You?"  This article was such a delight to read! It was absolutely splendid!

Readers of Real Simple mentioned little acts of kindness that individuals did that added grace notes to each day. The comments came from all over the country and I was just so happy to read that some people still appreciate a little grace, elegance and kindness in their lives.

Here were a few of my favorites:

Navigating through heavy traffic is never pleasant. So little acts of kindness make a difference. In particular, I love it when someone gives me the “thanks” wave for letting him merge in front of me. Being acknowledged helps remind me that other cars are not just barriers in my path. We’re all just people trying to get somewhere.
Kristin Allender
Long Beach, California
( I do this whenever I am merging. People do appreciate it.)

After using the sink in a public restroom, a friend of mine wipes down the wet counter with a paper towel. Ever since I first saw her do this, I’ve followed her example.
Jenifer Sako
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(I do this everyday even at home)

A lot of people say, “What?” or “Huh?” when they fail to hear or understand you. I appreciate it when someone says, “Pardon?” or “Excuse me?” instead. These words are kinder and less terse, which makes me feel more comfortable repeating myself.
Olivia Batty
New York, New York
( I need to work on this. I say "huh" sometimes. Not ladylike)

And lastly, 

If I’m waiting in a grocery-store checkout line to buy one or two items, I’m always grateful when the customer in front of me allows me to go ahead of him. It’s astonishing when a stranger is observant enough to notice me and patient enough not to mind delaying his own checkout.
Jaclyn Sharpe
Downington, Pennsylvania
(I've always done this. I noticed that when I do it for others it is done for me when I need to get ahead.)

I encourage you to go to Real and read this article. These gestures are still needed and desired in our chaotic lives. So I will make sure that I continue adding "grace notes" to other people's lives. Also just in case you missed it read my blog entry about gestures a woman should never do. It's from the book called "A Guide to Elegance". Enjoy! 

(Giving someone the "courtesy wave" when merging)

(Wiping down the sink when you finish in the public bathroom)

(My favorite but not on the list, sending flowers)

(photos via google)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Simply Summer Hats

It's that time of the year where big floppy hats are great accessories to have! I have to admit I love the big Kentucky Derby hats that are wore to that great event.

Summer hats come in all shapes, colors and styles. I am a big fan of the big southern hats. I think I have a large head so I feel that those types of hats compliment me well. 

I took a short visit to Steinmart recently and found a few hats there. The selection was great and the prices are fair. I believe that every woman should have her "favorite" hat. No matter what your style is a hat and scarf are must have accessories for your wardrobe. Read my blog post about my Hermes scarf here. Below are a few hats that I found at Target and Steinmart!

Lastly, watch the video I have below from Southern Living. It is a video of the celebrities at the Kentucky Derby Red Carpet event. The derby hats are fabulous! Enjoy!

Please excuse this horrid selfie! I normally do not take photos with my 
phone in the picture but no one was around to take my photo. I loved this
hat at Steinmart. It was Ninewest and the price was $24.99!

The hats at Steinmart. The prices started at $24.99!

The Merona Striped Floppy Hat. It is $11.99 at Target!

This is me in my black floppy hat I purchased at New York and Company 
a few years ago. 

This hat comes in 10 different colors!

Polka dot hat at Nordstrom

I loved this hat at the Kentucky Derby in 2012

Click on the link below to watch the Kentucky Derby Red Carpet Event

Kentucky Derby Red Carpet | Triple Crown-Worthy Momen

(all photos from Google and my own)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Juliska ~ Beautiful Dinnerware

 Juliska was founded in 2001 with only 40  historic bohemian glasses. Now the company has blossomed into one of the leading home brands in America. One of the things I love about Juliska is that they don't focus on the trends. Their products are gorgeous and timeless.

 I first found out about Juliska back in March of this year. Style Me Pretty had this gorgeous blog entry about a registry giveaway. When I went to read the entry, oh my goodness, did I fall in love! The tableware was just stunning!

All of the pieces are artfully crafted and beautifully made. I am a huge fan of the Meadow Picnic CollectionGarden Party CollectionBerry & Thread Glassware, and Berry & Thread Metal Collection. Oh goodness they are all so pretty!  Also, all of the products are microwavable, and dishwasher safe. So take a look at some of their beautiful products below and visit their site. You won't be disappointed! Lastly, take a look at my blog entry about Proper Table Etiquette. Enjoy!

(the Meadow Picnic collection)

(photos via google)

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Second Hand Finds

As most of you know I am a thrift store shopper! I grew up shopping at thrift stores with my grandmother so it's in my blood! I love going to Goodwill, flea markets and garage sales. My home is full of great finds that I have purchased over the years.

I started shopping at antique stores a few years ago. I simply love going and looking at all the items and the decor. Thrift store shopping has become an essential part of being a good homemaker for me. My husband even appreciates the time and effort I put into making our home lovely. I love cleaning and organizing. You can see my blog post here about home-keeping.

Sometimes I even hear him tell a visitor where I purchased an item. One thing I wish I had more of is passed down family heirlooms. I have nothing from either one of my grandmothers so starting this heritage for my daughter has been rather important to me.

Along with decorating I also love having my home smell divine. I love when people walk in and say how good my home smells. If you wish to know what I use to keep my home smelling great please read my blog entry about home scents here. 

My favorite second hand places to shop are the Goodwill, Value World and the Beech Grove Emporium. See my blog entry here about the emporium and my blog entry here about my Goodwill shopping.

Now below I am going to give a tour of my "Sitting Room" in my home. I do enjoy using this room. It's a great place to host my girlfriends when they come over for a little chat and maybe some tea. I hope you enjoy looking at my finds just as much as I do. Enjoy!

I found this leopard cloth at the Beech Grove Emporium for only $7.99. The shag pillow
I found at Garden Ridge for $12.99. 

I am a huge Martha Stewart fan. So whenever I see her books at the flea markets I buy them.
I purchased these at the Half Price Bookstore. Fantastic right? I love my Jane Seymour "Making Yourself at Home" book. It was a great Ebay purchase. 

More Martha Stewart books 

And more Martha Stewart books. I purchased these for $1!

I have some of my books sitting on my brown trunk. I love this trunk! It reminds me of a Louis youknowwhat. But in time I believe that I will be able to purchase one of those trunks!

I found these plates at Value World. I only paid $2.50 each!

I love my gigantic floral arrangement. I actually purchased this from my mother-in -law's friend. She was downsizing and needed to get rid of some things. She sold it to me for only $10! But it originally had these ugly green and gold roses. I pulled all of those out and replaced them with flowers I love. 

I purchased this antique pitcher and bowl from the Goodwill store. The price was only $25 but on that day everything was 50% off! So I paid half!

These Royal Albert cups were purchased at the Emporium for only $5 each! There other large tea cup was purchased from the Manor House antique store but it closed its doors last year! Sad face! The angel statute was a gift from my husband years ago. 

The goblets were a gift from my mother-in-law. My pink and white cherry blossom tea set was a birthday gift from my husband from the Teavana store.  The other tea cups were purchased from the Emporium. I will pass down these items to my daughter.

This floral wall decor was purchased at the Old Time Pottery Barn. I thought it was splendid!

This table was purchased at a garage sale from my neighbor for $5. The other table items were purchased from T.J Maxx

Okay, I had to have a chandelier. I love it! I purchased it from Lowe's. 

This lovely mirror picture was purchased from Hobby Lobby. 

All of my pillows were purchased from T.J. Maxx and the Goodwill. 

Oh gosh! I found this fantastic tapestry at the Emporium for $16!

My bamboo table I found at the Manor House for $29. My tray and pineapple are from Marshal's. 

Overview of the room

Another view from the stairs. 

I just recently found this beautiful vintage lamp at the antique store for $25! 
I wish I knew what the year of it was. 

I found this gorgeous wing back chair from the Goodwill for $40.
It is in great condition. What a find!

This is my chair in my office. My husband purchased this for me at a garage sale!

Here is another view of the room. 

I found this lamps at the Goodwill store for $3.99 & $5.99!

I purchased these window panels from the flea market. 
I loved the fabric that was added to them. I paid $20 for both!

I don't know where to put them yet so I just sat them on the nightstand in our bedroom. 

I have been inspired by the Enchanted Home blog. 
The blue and white looks so classic!

I will be redecorating my family room and kitchen with the blue and white decor. 

This was a great find. I found this at the antique store. The Royal Albert Old Country
Roses plate and tea set! I was so excited when I saw it! 

Now if you need some ideas on how to decorate your space then read my blog entry about ideas here.

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)