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Friday, May 16, 2014

The Beech Grove Emporium

The Beech Grove Emporium is a wonderful flea market store located on the south-side of Indianapolis. I took a visit there last week to see what treasures I could find. I was on the lookout for blue and white dishes and ginger jars. I looked at a few kitchen dishes, pots, pans and cake domes.

There is one woman in particular whose booths I am just smitten with! I don't know her name but I know her booth numbers. Well, this week she was there. It was great talking with her and looking at all of her wonderful vintage items.

I purchased a few things from her booth. If you are in Beech Grove you should visit the Emporium. It is one of the nicest flea markets I have seen! Below are some photos from my favorite booth and my great purchases. Enjoy!

The Beech Grove Emporium, located at 3535 South Emerson Ave., Beech Grove, IN 46107

This round vintage table was great! Only $29.99!

These dishes were just lovely. They would be a great family heirloom.
My mother in law just adored these. The entire 55 piece set was only $69!
The cupboard was also for sale. 

I so wanted this cake dome. It had a great vintage look and was very heavy.
It was only $24.99!

Homemade vintage aprons. Only $5 each!

More vintage knick-knacks. The silver plated teapot was gorgeous!

Vintage perfume bottles 

These are some items from my favorite booth (#1125)! I loved the vintage painting
the pretty Royal Albert tea cups and saucers and the plates. 

This was a neat find in my favorite booth. A picture made of glass. 

Great vintage linens and pillows from booth #1125! Only $5-$20!

I purchased the Royal Albert tea cups & saucers. I paid $15 for all 3!

I also purchased 6 vintage linen napkins for $4!

I also could not pass up the vintage oil painting. She wanted $39 but let me pay only $25!
I was ecstatic!

The painting is by Frances W. Rogers (I think) and it was painted in 1983!

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