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Friday, May 23, 2014

Elegant Cell Phone Manners

Ohh this is a touchy subject. Cell phones, we all have them and use. Personally, I hate having a cell phone sometimes. I miss the time when people could not find you but they are necessary for emergencies and children.

The one thing I cannot stand is obnoxious cell phone behavior! I see people talking in their cell phones like they are walkie talkies! That is not what they are used for. I also hate hearing other people's phone conversations. That is the worse!

But what saddens me is that I see WOMEN with the worse cell phone manners! So I found a list for proper phone etiquette which can help everyone. I have learned a lot from this list too. I also found a fantastic video from The English MannerThe English Manner is a unique British company providing international training and consultancy in contemporary etiquetteprotocolthe artssocial skillshousehold and event planning.

So view the list below and watch the Youtube video from The English Manner and fine-tune your cell phone manners! Enjoy!

  • Proper Cell Phone Etiquette: Cell phones should be in silent mode in a restaurant, theater etc.
  • Try not to answer your phone during dinner or entertaining. If you really need to, make it brief or tell your caller to call you back.
  • Be considerate when you are on the phone in the public. There should be no reason people in proximity can hear your entire conversation.
  • Please use hands-free or speakerphone when driving.
  • Cellular phone etiquette - Do not send text messages when you are in the company of others. If you absolutely must, do so discreetly.
  • If you have to, please say, "I'm sorry, do you mind? I have to get this" And I hope it is in only in extremely urgent cases.
  • Silent mode does not mean noisy vibrating noises as well.
  • Never answer another's phone. If you really have to, immediately identify yourself and state the reason why you are answering the person's phone, "Rachel's phone, Anne speaking. Rachel is driving at the moment."
  • Voice-mail greeting etiquette on a cell phone: Brief, clear. Basically, you should identify yourself because that's the whole point.
These tips are from the Elegant Woman

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Mobile Phone Manners: A Guide from The English Manner ...

(click on this link to watch the YouTube video)

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