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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thrift Store Shopping- Affordable Elegance

Thrift store shopping is one of my favorite hobbies! I go and visit the thrift store, Goodwills and antiques shops a few times every few months. I love the hunt! I love finding pieces and pulling everything together. I always find great deals and wonderful pieces.

My grandmother was a thrift store shopper. She went every weekend. The staff knew her by first name and always looked forward to seeing her. As I got older she would come and pick me and my sister up and we would go with her. She was so good at finding things. It were as though the items would just navigate to her.

I think I may have inherited that same gift. I always seem to find fantastic pieces and great clothing. I went to the Goodwill store this past weekend. We have one of the south-side of Indianapolis. This location has become one of my favorites. So take a look at some of the great items that I found. These are pieces that I was drawn to. So go and visit your local thrift store. You never know what great items you may find to add elegance to your life!


I found some great pillows for a great price!

I love the jeweled details. Both pillows were $3.99 each!

Oh my gosh! I loved this table it was only $40!
I could see it next to a chair with a small lamp and some
of your favorite books. Great find!

I thought this picture was great. Great photos of nature!
It was only $5.99; it was a large picture too!

This was a great picture also. It is a copy of a painting called the
"Mediterranean". It was only $5.99! I purchased this and I am now looking 
for a frame.  

I love large platters. This is great for daily family meals to place your
main dish on. I use this all the time. This was only $3.99!

I love white dinnerware and utensils. These were only $1.99 each!

These purple goblets are great for entertaining. They were only $2.99 each!

This was a huge crock pot! It was in great condition and very clean.
Only $20! I love using these. It's great to put your meal in before work and
come home to dinner being ready. 

I found a set for 5 mixing bowls. I only purchased the big one. 
It was only $4.99. 

Enzo Angolini pumps; these were a  size 9 1/2! Only $10!

I couldn't purchase them. They were a size too small.

I really liked this rocking chair. It was only $29. I loved the
neutral color. 

I also found a set of 6 dusty rose place-mats. 

They were only $.99 each!

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