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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Street Chic

I heard this quote from Carolina Herrera, "Elegance is not about what a woman is wearing but it's the way she is wearing it. "It's not about money and it's not about beauty. It's about carrying yourself in a different way.

When walking downtown I see all kinds of different fashion. Some you enjoy and some you don't. But how you carry yourself says a lot about you. I always like to look nice everywhere I go. I even had this mindset while I was in high school. When I was a junior in high school there was a teacher that stood by the door and always watched me walk by.

One day she stopped me and said, "I like the way you carry yourself". "Follow me I have something for you". Turns out the school had a business program and some job opportunities. I prepared a resume and she submitted it to the United States Attorney's Office. I was then given an interview and then the job. 

So how you "keep" yourself is very important. You never know when someone could be watching you who may have job opportunities. Below are some photos from my Magnolia board on Pinterest. Let them inspire you for a new street chic look! Also is Carolina Herrera's interview with PopSugar below. She is one of my favorite fashion icons. Watch and see why. Enjoy! 

Me with my coral Totes coat (thrift store find) & my Coral Coach bag 
purchased from Von Maur, Spring 2013

Carolina Herrera on Music as Inspiration and What It Means to 

(photos via Pinterst & Mrs. Shockley)

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