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Monday, April 14, 2014

Masculine Elegance

This week I am continuing with my reading in A Guide to Elegance. Last week I read the chapter on men. Here is what I read and I just thought this was absolutely splendid:

The appearance of a man is just as important as the appearance of a woman. A man should be just as well-groomed as a woman, with his fingernails short; his beard shaved as many times a day as necessary; and he should smell good only at very close quarters.

His hair should not be too long; his shirt should be immaculate, his trousers well creased, his jacket unrumpled, and his shoes shined. He should never talk too loudly in public, even if he is highly successful....

I have really enjoyed this book and will be posting more chapter reviews. Below are some photos of men who are very well groomed. These photos are from my pinterest board The Gentlemen. Enjoy!

(My husband Rick Shockley)

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