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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Keeping your Handbags Elegant

I own about 12 authentic designer leather bags. I love my bags and use them. The one thing that I cannot stand is seeing a woman pull out trash and other foreign objects out of her bag!

I just think, "Are you serious"! You don't have time to throw the trash away but you seem to have the time to keep stuffing your bag with it. I think cleaning your bag about once a week is a good habit to adapt.

And when I say cleaning your bag I don't mean scrubbing it down every week. Just simply getting rid of trash, receipts, old candy, hair, lint and dirt.

What I use for cleaning my bags are baby wipes, Coach Leather cleaner, Coach Fabric cleaner and a lint roller. Below are pictures of what I use and what I do to care for my bag. There is also a video from Martha Stewart and she shows how she cleans her bags. Enjoy!

What I carry in my bag is 3 small makeup bags, my Coach wallet,

The black and gold item is my travel organizer. You actually use it to pack your toiletries 
when you are going on a trip but I use it for organizing bills, notes, checks, etc.

I use a lint roller to grab hairs and dust out of my bag

I use baby wipes or leather cleaner to get the dirt off.

I use small makeup bags to keep small items in. Like in my small black one I 
keep my headphones, mp3 player and charger. 

The cleaners I use on my bags. The are only $10 at the Coach stores. One is for fabric 
and one is for leather. 


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