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Monday, April 7, 2014

Homekeeping with a Pet

Homekeeping is very important in regards to being elegant because a clean home is an elegant home. I really like to clean and organize. It takes my mind off whatever issues I may have for the moment. It's great exercise and you can listen to your favorite music.

I have a boxer named Bishop. I love my dog and enjoy having him. One thing I will not tolerate is my home smelling like "dog". My visitors should see my dog not smell him. That is why I clean my house religiously. I keep my floors swept and vacuumed. We bath our dog and wash his blankies.

One product I decided to try last year was the Swiffer.  It is absolutely wonderful!!! I use it on all my floors and it gets all of the dog hair and human hair. Another product I use is Odor Control Solutions. My husband buys it at our local pet store. It is an all natural treatment for bacterial odors. I sprinkle a little on the floors and vacuum. It works great!! They have it in lavender and lemon scent.

The other products that we use are the Nature's Miracle . They have helped when he had his little "accidents". Of course I still have my Bath and Body Works bulbs in my walls and that keeps the house smelling wonderful. Below are some photos of what products I use. So I want to give those of you a little hope who have pets that having an elegant home is possible.

My dog "Bishop" in my sitting room

The carpet cleaner I use

My Swiffer

All the hair it picks up (sorry I know this is gross but I wanted to show everyone)

My beautiful Casablanca lilies, my dog does not bother them. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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