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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Guide to Elegance- Book Review- Girlfriends

I purchased this book sometime last year and I tell you what I have really enjoyed it!! The tips and suggestions about elegance for the average woman are just fantastic! This book was written by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux in the 60's.

Some of the suggestions about fashion are a little off but the overall premise of the book is great! I love all the chapters. She discusses from A to Z all of the elements a woman would need in order to have elegance in her life. I will have to admit that I do have a few chapters that have just stayed with me. The chapter called "Girlfriends" will make you think. Below is a little snippet of the chapter:


It is a good rule never to go shopping with a girlfriend. Since she is often an unwitting rival as well, she will unconsciously demolish everything that suits you best. Even if she is the most loyal friend in the world, if she simply adores you, and if her only desire is for you to be the most beautiful, I remain just as firm in my opinion; shop alone, and turn only to specialists for guidance.

Besides, as well-intentioned as she may, your girlfriend seldom has exactly the same figure, the same kind of life, the same social condition, the same tastes as you. And so she sees things quite differently, and she can only see them in relation to her own taste, her own budget, her own needs. What you might choose for yourself, she sees on herself, considers that it doesn't suit her- or, on the contrary, that it suits her better than it does you- and by her comments undermines the little self-confidence you have managed to retain....

You must buy the book it is priced very well and is easy to find. I have not finished the book yet but I will continue to post book reviews from it. A Guide to Elegance, simply elegant!!!

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