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Friday, April 11, 2014

9 Gestures a Woman Should Never Do

Last week I posted a book review on "A Guide to Elegance", by Genevieve A. Dariaux. I am still finishing this book but it is so fantastic to me! I just think it's wonderful.

It's rich with ideas and standards that you can began to incorporate into your own life. Being a woman is becoming a dying art. But this book can help you with bringing it back to life!

I read the chapter called "Gestures". In this chapter she discusses gestures that you can do to immediately obliterate any image you may create of being well dressed. So below is the list of things that can demolish a woman's elegance. Remember these are actions done in public:

1.   Diligently seeking some undesirable foreign matter by means of an exploratory finger in her mouth. (digging for food in your mouth)

2.  Scratching her head. (guilty!)

3.  Tugging at her underwear. (guilty!)

4.  Pulling up her bra straps. (guilty!)

5.  Carefully examining the condition of her complexion or teeth in her compact mirror.

6.  Biting her fingernails.

7.  Sitting with legs apart.

8.  Combing her hair at the table.

9.  Talking to loudly in a public place. (this drives me nuts)

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