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Monday, March 31, 2014

Hermes Scarves- An Elegant Essential

Hermes is one of those brands that is just timeless. It is very expensive but the quality far surpasses what you pay. Hermes products grow in value! If you are fortunate enough to "inherit" any items from a family member then lucky you!

I learned about Hermes from "The Martha Stewart Show" back in 2007 (I believe). I had never heard of it. The president of the company and the scarf specialist (what a great job to have) gave a fashion show of the scarves, shoes, and clothes. It was fantastic and I just loved the elegance of the scarves and the quality.

So of course I looked it up and my goodness! It is sooo expensive. But I thought there is always Ebay.  Now it can be tricky shopping on Ebay because you never know if you are buying authentic. But I really wanted a scarf so I took my chances and purchased the one below last year. It was really gross when I got it! It is really old (I think from the 90's) but I just loved it. I didn't pay much for it because no one else bid on it. The prior owner was an older woman from Florida and she told me that it was authentic and that she had purchased it herself a number of years ago.

My Hermes box

My Hermes scarf

I purchased the Hermes box from Poshmark for just $20 and the scarf I paid almost $60. My scarf is called the Hermes Paris Scarf Les Tambours. It only cost $5 to have it drycleaned. One of the attorneys I work for she has a few that she purchased at the Hermes store in New York. After I purchased it and had it cleaned I took it to her for a review. She had hers and we compared and since it is so old she was convinced that I got a real scarf for an awesome deal! She also made me an offer on it which I graciously turned down. I love my scarf and I am so excited to have it. I wear it to work and even grocery shopping on the weekends. I will be purchasing more in the future to expand my collection. I also look forward to passing them down to my daughter. They are considered great heirlooms from mothers and grandmothers. So check out or Ebay to see if you can find one to tickle your fancy! Also, if you wish to see the fashion show here it is. Enjoy!  

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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