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Friday, March 28, 2014

Flowers for Home

Flower shopping is such a fun hobby for me. I simply love going to the floral shops or the grocery store and seeing what wonderful blooms are available. It's a great stress relieving activity to go and look and smell all of God's beautiful work. I tell you the grocery store has been the place I get all of my wonderful arrangements from.

The prices are so great and they offer such a good variety.  I went today to see what Kroger had and it was like walking into an indoor garden. The colors were so vibrant and the area was so fragrant. There were so many choices! My daughter and I had such a hard time making a choice!  So I bought 3 bouquets. Why not!  At $8 a bunch why not have a few fragrant flowers in my home.  So check out your local grocery store to see what they offer. Below are photos from our local store and from my kitchen after putting them in water. Fresh flowers at home, just elegant....

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