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Monday, March 31, 2014

Proper Table Setting & Etiquette

I have really been interested in learning proper etiquette and table setting. I am not sure why but I think it's because I have been in the habit of trying to use my "best" in life. I have been using my china, cups, and anything else that I have. So while on Youtube I found this video of proper table etiquette. It is a great video. Also below is a picture of how to do a proper table setting.

I have been in the habit of setting a nice table for dinner every night. It took my family a little while to get use to it but they enjoy it now. I just believe that using your best helps enhance some beauty into your life. Enjoy the etiquette lesson.

(photo via Pinterest)

Hermes Scarves- An Elegant Essential

Hermes is one of those brands that is just timeless. It is very expensive but the quality far surpasses what you pay. Hermes products grow in value! If you are fortunate enough to "inherit" any items from a family member then lucky you!

I learned about Hermes from "The Martha Stewart Show" back in 2007 (I believe). I had never heard of it. The president of the company and the scarf specialist (what a great job to have) gave a fashion show of the scarves, shoes, and clothes. It was fantastic and I just loved the elegance of the scarves and the quality.

So of course I looked it up and my goodness! It is sooo expensive. But I thought there is always Ebay.  Now it can be tricky shopping on Ebay because you never know if you are buying authentic. But I really wanted a scarf so I took my chances and purchased the one below last year. It was really gross when I got it! It is really old (I think from the 90's) but I just loved it. I didn't pay much for it because no one else bid on it. The prior owner was an older woman from Florida and she told me that it was authentic and that she had purchased it herself a number of years ago.

My Hermes box

My Hermes scarf

I purchased the Hermes box from Poshmark for just $20 and the scarf I paid almost $60. My scarf is called the Hermes Paris Scarf Les Tambours. It only cost $5 to have it drycleaned. One of the attorneys I work for she has a few that she purchased at the Hermes store in New York. After I purchased it and had it cleaned I took it to her for a review. She had hers and we compared and since it is so old she was convinced that I got a real scarf for an awesome deal! She also made me an offer on it which I graciously turned down. I love my scarf and I am so excited to have it. I wear it to work and even grocery shopping on the weekends. I will be purchasing more in the future to expand my collection. I also look forward to passing them down to my daughter. They are considered great heirlooms from mothers and grandmothers. So check out or Ebay to see if you can find one to tickle your fancy! Also, if you wish to see the fashion show here it is. Enjoy!  

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Looking Presentable at Home

Looking presentable at home has been a task for me. As soon as I come home my second job begins. Being a wife and mother is a lot of work and sometimes when you get off you don't want to look "polished". Well one day when I came home I looked at myself and noticed that my hair was not in order and I just wanted to get out of my clothes. But then I realized that I put a lot of effort into looking nice at work. Why not look nice at home to?

If the people on the outside world see my best then so should my husband and daughter. So now when I come home I comb my hair, spray on some more perfume and put on my apron. I am starting to love aprons. They keep my clothes nice and they can hold your cell phone and lip gloss. They are pretty inexpensive. I paid only $12 for it. I watched a video called "Looking Presentable As a Busy Mom" by the Daily Connoisseur. It is a great video and has helped me to continue on my quest for looking chic at home. So take a look at the video and let it inspire you!

(photo via Mrs. Shockley)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Flowers for Home

Flower shopping is such a fun hobby for me. I simply love going to the floral shops or the grocery store and seeing what wonderful blooms are available. It's a great stress relieving activity to go and look and smell all of God's beautiful work. I tell you the grocery store has been the place I get all of my wonderful arrangements from.

The prices are so great and they offer such a good variety.  I went today to see what Kroger had and it was like walking into an indoor garden. The colors were so vibrant and the area was so fragrant. There were so many choices! My daughter and I had such a hard time making a choice!  So I bought 3 bouquets. Why not!  At $8 a bunch why not have a few fragrant flowers in my home.  So check out your local grocery store to see what they offer. Below are photos from our local store and from my kitchen after putting them in water. Fresh flowers at home, just elegant....

Elegant Home Scents

Everyone is familiar with Bath and Body Works. I have been a fan since high school. A lot of my favorite scents are gone and that's okay. I have found that my choice of fragrances isn't the same as it was 15 years ago. But what I do like are their fragrance bulbs. They have also changed the bulb warmers. They are much more decorative and what my daughter would call "fancy".

My favorite scent this year has been "Spring". I absolutely love it. It's a light floral scent and it's so feminine and the prices are so affordable. I purchased 6 bulbs for $24 and the decorative warmers start at $6. So for about $60 you can have a great scent in your home with decorative "art" plugged in your wall. It's so nice to walk in a woman's home and smell something feminine. I know I love smelling them when I walk in from a long work day. So check out your local Bath and Body Works for your signature home scent!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Elegance for Bed

I have a friend who is a little older than me and she always shares how you should like nice in the evenings. I just thought "really" you should? And she said, "Yes". The more I thought about it the more I began to agree with her. We should do our best to look elegant at night. So I wear a long silk pink gown and velvet robe. You won't see me in sweats walking around my house. If you do then it's okay. But I just enjoy looking presentable at home. While pinning away on Pinterest I saw this robe below and just fell in love. It is called the Jenny Peckham Silk Robe.

It is absolutely stunning. Just sheer elegance. I also looked it up and saw the price. I won't say how much it is but it's enough to make your jaw drop! I would love to have this but there is nothing wrong with finding cheaper versions. So here are some options below. Macys has great affordable options.  The Vanity Fair collection ( the violet one) is only $30. The Charter Club collection (the white one) is only $44.80. So take a look and start your quest for looking presentable at home. Below is a link to the Daily Connoisseur Blog on looking your best at night.

 Presentable Sleepwear - YouTube

(photos via Pinterest)

Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Perfume- A Review

I found this perfume last week on my mall trip. I was in Sephora just looking around with my daughter and stumbled on this line called Fresh. I had never heard of it before and decided to just spray a few bottles. Oh my! This scent is just spectacular! It smells so fresh and feminine! I just had to have it! The bottle is pretty small but it was worth the price. I spent $48 on it and I don't regret it. If you want something that is different and citrus try Fresh Hersperides Grapefruit it is a wonderful scent. Just elegant....

Philosophy Facial Care- A Review

Here is another great product from Philosophy and Clarisonic. After I purchased my body care from Philosophy and my friend (after doing) another "unboxing" for me; I went ahead and tried the Purity facial cleanser. I used it for about a month and saw drastic changes in my skin. I looked fresh and it felt clean! My color changed and it looked smoother. I just love it! So I also purchased the moisturizers and they are fantastic. The Hope in a Jar night and day cream were just what I needed. The coverage is great and my face doesn't feel dry and it is smooth.

My Clarisonic is just heaven sent!! My face has just improved. It is the best!!! It was really expensive I paid $150 for it but it was worth every penny! I use the Purity cleanser with my Clarisonic twice a day and I really enjoy it. If you can't afford the Clarisonic then try the Spa Sonic. I heard that it is a good product for the money. Below is a link to a YouTube video from the Daily Connoisseur.  She does an excellent review on both.

My products at home

(photo via Mrs. Shockley)

Philosophy Body Care- A Review

I learned about Philosophy while watching QVC one night and it just seemed a little on the expensive side to me and I just thought no! But then one of my co-workers order some of the Amazing Grace whipped body cream and I just fell in love! It's a little hard to purchase body care off the T.V. shopping networks because you are just not sure about the smell. So I was happy when my friend shared her "unboxing" with me. Amazing Grace is just a light sophisticated scent. It has a little hint of floral to it and it just smells really clean. I absolutely love it!! I purchased the body whipped cream, body lotion, bubble bath and body spray. Another scent that I tried from the line is the Love, Sweet, Love. It is a very fun fragrance! It is great for spring and summer and its smells sweet. I also tried the Violet Blossom perfume. Oh it is a wonderful scent of lilac and lavender! Their lip gloss is also fantastic! It taste great and covers well.

What can I say I just love the line so far. You should check out, Sephora or  your local Von Maur store to purchase some items for yourself!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vanity Beauty

Having an area to place your danity treasures is a wonderful thing. But having those items organized is quite another. I saw this photo in the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine for spring. Darcy Miller of course, had this wonderful idea of using a decorative tray, small glass vases and teacups and saucers to use to hold your favorite items. China is durable and of course looks elegant. Below is a photo Darcy's idea and my vanity. I will have to get some teacups and a tray to add to my vanity. Enjoy....

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Floral Brooches

I was absolutely amazed at this oversized corsage created by Amy Merrick for the Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2014 edition. It is just stunning!! But I also realized that I did the same thing with a few of my flower brooches that I had in 2011. So it looks like I was already ahead of the game on this fantastic creation. Below is a photo of my creation it's not as exquiste as Amy's but pretty good for store bought brooches.  Just elegant....


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

100 Ways to Be Elegant

I found this list last year on the Simply Luxurious Life blog by Shannon Ables and I just fell in love with the list. I also noticed that I did about 44 of the requirements already which was a nice surprise! I enjoyed this list so much that I printed it out and keep it in my library. I think it's just a great reminder and a joy to read each time. You take a look at the list and see how elegant you already are!!


100 Ways To Be Elegant

by DeeAnne on 11/06/2010 (
1. Send thank you notes
2. Practice good posture
3. Speak more softly
4. Listen without interrupting
5. Wear solid colours
6. Ignore fads, or use them sparingly
7. Have a signature wine that you serve at home
8. Wear only 2-3 accessories
9. Have impeccable manners
10. Read on a variety of topics
11. Maintain a budget
12. Study the arts
13. Have one signature perfume/cologne
14. Show restraint in expressing anger
15. Learn the art of conversation
16. Learn French
17. Wear a trench coat
18. Learn how to wear a scarf
19. Wear a tuxedo, when one is called for
20. Practice quality over quantity
21. Don’t yell or scream
22. Learn to dance the waltz
23. Have one fabulous signature meal you serve guests
24. Remember birthdays
25. Go on picnics
26. Wear dresses/suits more often, and on dates
27. Simplify your life, your home and your calendar
28. Wear pearls
29. Open the door for ladies
30. Let him open the door for you
31. Remember that it’s more important to be kind than it is to be right
32. Serve coffee or tea after meals
33. Arrive exactly on time
34. Don’t complain
35. Dress to travel
36. Be well travelled
37. If you’re a women, don’t wear black shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day…wear spectator pumps instead
38. Keep your home clean and uncluttered
39. When guests stay over, put a small pitcher and glass for water on their nightstand, along with a book they might enjoy
40. Learn how to host a small dinner party
41. Have one subdued solid colour scheme throughout your home, use accessories to add colour
42. Learn how to make the perfect martini
43. Learn how to tie both a regular tie and a bow tie (whether you’re a man or a woman)
44. Be a lady or a gentleman at work, especially when delivering a difficult message or when tempers flare
45. Wear lovely/handsome hats
46. Don’t point out the mistakes of others
47. Wait your turn patiently
48. Don’t curse
49. Chew each bite 20 times
50. Sip your drink
51. Learn proper etiquette for all situations
52. Accept compliments graciously
53. Be quietly self confident
54. Don’t boast
55. Be respectful of others
56. Have fresh flowers in your home
57. Write a letter rather than send an email to those you love
58. Keep your nails well manicured
59. Maintain your shoes and clothing
60. Don’t ever lose your joie de vivre
61. Be well groomed
62. Remember that money does not equal elegance, nor is it necessary to be elegant
63. Wear less make-up
64. Wear well-fitting clothes
65. Spray lavender on your sheets
66. Be positive
67. Learn to politely say no
68. Be concerned with making others feel comfortable
69. Maintain good health
70. Don’t overindulge
71. Hold yourself to high standards
72. Turn your mobile off at dinner
73. Wear simple, classic hairstyles
74. Think before you speak or act. Ask yourself, can anything good come from this?
75. Apoligize sincerely
76. Have integrity
77. Don’t speak ill of others, or gossip
78. Always take a gift to your host or hostess
79. Tie a scarf on your handbag
80. Take a clutch in the evening
81. Wear well fitting jeans with either a long sleeve white shirt or solid sweater for more casual events
82. Only wear sneakers for exercise
83. Use white sheets, white towels, white dishes
84. Be sure your clothes are pressed
85. Your car’s horn should say “pardon me, but do you see me?”, rather than “get out of my way!”
86. Overdo empathy
87. Light candles in your home
88. Go for walks in the park on Sunday
89. Give others sincere compliments
90. Understand your own worth
91. Learn how to open a bottle of champagne
92. Dress appropriately for the occasion
93. Do small favours for others, without expecting anything in return
94. Say please and thank you
95. Take the time to stop and listen to others, especially children
96. Take responsibility for yourself and your own happiness
97. Keep a journal
98. Give thoughtful gifts, rather than expensive ones
99. Less is more
100. Savour the moment

Spring Break 2014- How to Travel Organized and with Elegance

It is Spring Break for some of us already and with all the snow we have been having it's a race to the beaches! So here are some tips from the queen of organization Martha Stewart! Also are some photos of traveling in style. Enjoy!

How to Pack a Suitcase for a Five-Day Trip
In this suitcase, there is plenty of room for nearly a week's worth of clothing. The key is to keep everything in separate and neat bundles, while making use of the built-in compartments.

1. Sweaters
To maintain the shape of my knitted tops and chunkier sweaters, I line the back of each garment with a few sheets of acid-free tissue paper before folding. These items should never be stored on hangers, either at hotels or at home; doing so can cause the fibers near the shoulders to stretch.

2. Footwear
Shoes are usually the heaviest cargo in a travel bag. To prevent them from crushing delicate clothing, I tuck them around the perimeter of the suitcase. Each pair is kept in an individual drawstring-topped shoe bag. I stuff the toes of my pumps and other dress shoes with acid-free tissue paper; socks go inside sneakers and slides.

3. Assembled Outfits
To streamline both packing and dressing on trips, I plan my outfits ahead of time, complete with shoes and accessories. I put each outfit on a single hanger (unless the top is a sweater) and wrap it in plastic.

4. Accessories
In addition to packing my shoes in pouches, I also place belts in one bag, undergarments in another, and tights and leggings in yet another. This ensures that the suitcase stays organized, even in the rare event it is searched at the airport.

Tangle-Free Chargers
These days, traveling means toting around a lot of electronics. I pack each charger separately in a labeled resealable plastic bag so everything is visible and at my fingertips.

Computer Protection
Laptops have to be taken out of their cases at airport security checkpoints, so I keep mine in a jumbo resealable bag to minimize handling. The power cord goes into a smaller bag.

Light, Easy Reading
I carry my Kindle, which lets me scan an array of books and newspapers, and my cashmere scarf with me on every trip. I also bring my toiletries (in containers that hold less than 3 ounces), a change of clothes, and my contact lens container and solution, just in case I am separated from my luggage.

Uncluttered Carryall
A messenger bag is roomy, can double as a pocketbook, and holds everything I need. I rely on a few coordinating accessories, including a large, sleek walletlike clutch by Perrin, to hold miscellaneous items.

Instant Identifier
One trip to the baggage carousel is proof enough that nearly all suitcases look alike. A bright-green ribbon tied to the handle distinguishes each of my bags from everyone else's.

Security Measure
Many luggage locks are forbidden under security regulations. So I tie the zipper pull tags on my suitcase together with a piece of waxed twine. That way, I can tell if it has been opened.

To Relax or Exercise
Comfortable, breathable clothes are always good to have on a trip. I'll wear them on the plane during a long flight or save them for an impromptu hike or workout.

How to Pack an Ensemble for Traveling
My trips are always extremely busy, so I plan what I'll wear to each event to ensure that I don't take extra clothes. With this one-outfit-per-hanger system, wrinkles are minimized, and I can hang up items as soon as I arrive.

Step 1: Hang the bottom First, you need a good dual-purpose hanger with metal clips and a secure grip. Attach a pair of jeans or pants or a skirt at the waist.

Step 2: Add the shirt
Slip the top onto the hanger, covering the bottom piece. If possible, keep all the buttons closed so that the shirt and collar will lie flat.

Step 3: Fold and wrap
Place the outfit facedown on a bed or a table. Tuck the pant legs under, creasing at the knees or in thirds. Then fold in the shirt's sleeves, and make a final fold at the bottom to fit inside the suitcase. Slip a clear plastic garment bag (you can use one from a dry cleaner) over the entire bundle, tucking in any excess plastic.

(photos via Google)

Monday, March 24, 2014

22 Tips for Creating a Grown Up Space

I have been reading the Simply Luxurious Life Blog for about a year. I love this blog. It has such great articles, tips and fashion. It is just a great blog!! Here is an article that I have been carrying around in my bag for about 2 weeks.  It is an article that gives you 22 tips for creating a grown up living space. It is great. Below is the link and a photo of my sitting room in my home. We are almost there!! I just need to get a bigger rug and a few more decorative pieces. Enjoy the blog!

Talbots Spring 2014

I just received my Talbots Spring catalog! I think Talbots gets better year after year. I heard sometime ago that they got a new designer. I am not sure if that is true but if it is he or she is doing a wonderful job. Looking in the catalog I saw so many pieces I would love to have for my spring wardrobe. You should go to and request your copy today! Until then here are a few pieces I just loved!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Habitually Chic®: Chic London Wedding

Habitually Chic®: Chic London Wedding

This is absolutely gorgeous. Just sheer elegance....

Sunday Tea

Happy Sunday,
    Today is a day of relaxing and resting. A day for morning worship and catching up on reading. Today I decided to take some time and read a few things and rest. I have also decided to enjoy a cup of tea. My husband got me this china set from Teavanna a few years ago for my birthday. I think it's gorgeous and I enjoy using it. I like to encourage all of my friends to use their best and so should you. Enjoy! 

Well Hello

I am Mrs. Shockley and I created this blog as a way to create and share things that I enjoy. I enjoy having a little elegance in life whether it be using china at dinner or having fresh flowers in my home. So please enjoy this blog and share your elegance with me also.  Thank you for reading!