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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

App Love: Like to Know It

Good Morning Everyone,

Still working from home. The governor of Indiana has issued a mandatory "stay at home" order. We can still go to the store, pharmacies and essential jobs are considered exempt. We will see how things go for the rest of the week with this. 

Since everyone has to stay home at the moment it has given me the opportunity to explore new apps. I know there have been several times where I am on Instagram and a blogger posts something that I love and I click on it and it takes me to the app called LiketoKnowIt.

This always irritated me until recently. So I made the decision this past weekend to download this app and I must say I am hooked! 

This app gives you access to all of their home decor and clothes. My Amazon lists are full and for the most part, everything is affordable.

One person that I am following on the app is called My Texas House.

She has great taste and because I am following her on LiketoKnowit I get all of the links and information on all of her sources. 

Like that beautiful wall mirror in this photo is from Home Depot. 

My Texas House By Orian Lady Bird Area Rug -

Or this gorgeous bench from Wayfair. Even though I like this one better for my bedroom. 

Image result for milumia elegant frilled

Another item that I found was this very elegant flare dress on Amazon. I'm still thinking about ordering this. 

Image result for bagsmart electronic organizer

This sophisticated and chic electronic organizer is something else that I found on LiketoKnowit. 

Image result for boho stud earrings for women chic flower statement

And I can't forget to share these feminine flower earrings. 

I found so many gorgeous things on this app. 

And I could not resist ordering this Audrey tortoise sunglasses as well. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have seen this app before I would encourage you to download it. You will find lots of beautiful things!

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Shockley,
    I don't have that app,but I've always wondered what it was all about. Well, speaking of purchases, I discovered the most beautiful, blue "garden blouse " and "garden dress" from Loft online. I could not help myself, and purchased the dress and the blouse. So, so pretty! And I couldn't stop thinking that Mrs. Shockley would love this too! It is just so gorgeous and elegant.

    1. Hello Mya,
      Oh I hope you send pictures of the blouse and dress! I would love to see them. You know I love beautiful things!

  2. Here is the link. Hopefully it will work!