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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas in my Office

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone,

My day designer is becoming more and more filled with tasks that I have to accomplish. As Christmas day is fast approaching, I began to check my Christmas lists to make sure that all is finished or close to it. 

I decorate any and everywhere I can. I always add a little Christmas cheer to my office. I have my Pandora radio playing my Frank Sinatra Christmas station very quietly. But most of my co-workers around me don't mind hearing a little Nat King Cole. 

Today I wanted to share the little holiday decor items that I have around my office. 

So we will start with my office door. We have nameplates and I always tape a faux poinsettia above my nameplate. I love it and enjoy walking up to it every morning. 

This is my magnet board under my nameplate. We use these to announce when we are out of the office, meetings, etc. I have a little photo of a poinsettia on mine. 

When you walk into my office you will see this. I have blue and white planters and ginger jars on the floor. I filled one with some faux poinsettias. Very festive!

I have this faux arrangement on one of my window sills in my office. I always exchange or change out the arrangements according to the season. This year I put faux pine, eucalyptus, and oranges in this arrangement. 

My Christmas cactus has started to bloom. This always adds a little more life to my office. 

This is another one of my faux arrangements. I added more faux pine, acorns, red flowers and greenery. It is very beautiful. Especially in the blue and white vase. 

Now my local grocery store had real pine this past weekend. I could not pass it up. I am really enjoying it on my desk this week. 

My supervisor gave us all these charming glass poinsettia trays a couple of years ago. I love using mine every year. I also brought in a Tis the Season candle this year. I don't light it (office policy) but I can still smell it in my office. It's delightful! 

And I cannot forget about my scarves. I love placing my scarves on my chair. Especially this beautiful faux fur stole in emerald. It's stunning and soft! 

I hope that you all have found some inspiration in this post. If you can't decorate your workspace then make the best of what you can do and what you have. You have a job and sometimes that is the best way to keep things in perspective! Have a great day!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Hi, Mrs. Shockley. Your office posts are always a favorite of mine, as I find inspiration in them. After all, I purchased a pillow for my office because of you! I especially like the pictures where you can see your view out the window. It looks like it's straight out of a Hallmark movie.

    Kelsie - gar0190

    1. Hi Kelsie,
      Thank you for the compliment! I am so glad that you have found some office inspiration. Do you still have your pillows in your office?
      I love my views. Even though I am afraid of heights I still find beauty and joy in having a view. I hope you were able to find some more inspiration today. Maybe you can add some plants to your office. I love having them. I have a jasmine plant on the other side. I may show that once it blooms next year.

    2. Yes, the pillow is still in my office. I have faux greenery on top of my bookcase, but I would like to add plants some day. My window, however, looks out into the hallway, not outside. I would have to choose something that does not require daily sunlight. My "view" is probably why I admire yours so much. I am grateful though because some of my co-workers sit out in the open and do not have an office or a door. I am fortunate to have my own space and will continue to decorate it beautifully.