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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Breakers

It's Wednesday already and today I will be volunteering at Dress for Success. I've got some clothes that I need to drop off. I am having one of my "massive purge" feelings. I love these but also hate them because it's usually a year later I began looking for whatever I got rid of and then I totally regret it. 

It takes a few weeks for me to move on and then I feel good about my closet being "lighter". Well the word is getting out in my office. How I adore elegance and beautiful things. Oh boy, I have some co-workers giving me the stare down but no matter I will keep moving forward.

One co-worker in particular shared how she went on a historical home tour in Rhode Island. It piqued my interest so she came to my office to tell me about it. Oh me, oh my. I now want to take a tour of the Breakers!

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(The Breakers)

I have never heard of these homes before and was very grateful that my co-worker shared her experience with me. I quickly hoped on the website and learned about all of the homes on this fabulous tour.

The Breakers were these massive homes that were considered to be "summer cottages" in the 1800's. Can you believe that these homes were considered to be summer cottages? Nuts!!!

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(the Chepstow Home)

The Preservation Society of Newport County has 10 homes listed on the website as apart of the tour. My friend said that you could buy a ticket to tour all of the homes and even see the gardens. Sounds like an elegant dream to me. 

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It should be no surprise that most of these homes have a connection to the Vanderbilts. I toured the Biltmore Estates in 2016 (see here if you missed it)

Image result for green animals topiary gardens rhode island

I think taking a tour of the Green Animals Topiary Garden would be fun. I know our daughter would love to see this. 

I am thrilled to learn about more places that my family and I could possibly tour. Well, maybe just me. I have already thought about how I could add these to our time when we visit New York again. 

If you have visited the Breakers please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear about your experience and your time there. 

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  1. I've found myself donating items that weren't even in my wardrobe for very long. Oh well. Preferences change or maybe the fit wasn't great. Someone else will appreciate them!

    I, for one, would enjoy having you as a co-worker, Mrs. Shockley. Keep being you!

    Kelsie - gar0190

    1. Hello Kelsie,
      I am with you. I have donated items that were not in my wardrobe for long. It just goes to show you that we should have never made those purchases!
      Awww, thank you for the compliment. I know that I would enjoy you too!

  2. Dear Mrs. Shockley,

    My parents lived in CT for many years and when I visited in the summer we always spent a day in Newport. Each year we toured another 'summer cottage'. The Breakers was my first and will always be my favorite.

    The docents that conduct the tours are wonderful, you understand everything you are seeing, as the homes are all from an era gone by.

    Also, Jackie Kennedy's home, where she grew up, is in Newport as well as the church she and President Kennedy were married.

    YOU would love it all!!! Perhaps, a family vacation?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kathleen

    1. Hello Kathleen,
      Oh my your parents lived in Connecticut? Wow! You have visited the Breakers? How fantastic! I would love to see Jackie Kennedy's home. I am such a fan of the Kennedy Family. As far as a family vacation, I would seriously get out-voted on this. My family would find it boring but that is okay. I am hoping that I will be able to see these places without whining voices. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. Good morning Mrs.Shockley. This is another great post. I also was delighted to see your appearance on the Daily Conissure homemakers presentation. Great job and nice apron.😀

    1. Hello Aliyah,
      You watched the Daily Connoisseur? How great! I just love Jennifer's channel and her blog. Thank you for your support and thank you for the compliment!

    2. Yes. I am subscribed to her channel on YouTube.l am a huge fan of your blog and Mrs. Jennifer. I am currently abroad but I learn so much from you both. Thanks.

    3. Oh Aliyah that is great! You're studying abroad? How wonderful! I wish I had the opportunity to do that but I hope to study and travel once our daughter is settled in adulthood.

  4. Hi Mrs. Shockley,
    Wow these historical homes are beautiful. I adore architecture and take any opportunity I can to visit. My favorite is the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C. I get lost in the awe of beauty when I visit. They have a garden called The Bishop's Garden and in the spring, there gorgeous flowers everywhere. Please check it out, if you have not. I know you would love it.

    1. Hey Mya,
      I love architecture too! It's one of the many things that can separate a beautiful home from an elegant one. I have never been to the Washington Cathedral. I will have to put that on my list if we ever get to go to D.C. again. I will definitely look that up online. Thank you!