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Monday, November 25, 2019

November Favorites

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did! My daughter's friend invited her to go ice skating. It was a great night out. There were little shops around to buy hot apple cider and food. It was a great couple of hours watching her skate at the Carmel Christkindlmarkt and guess what was in walking distance? The Cakebake Shop!

So my husband wanted to walk over and have dinner there? Nice right? He loves the chicken velvet soup so that worked out for me. 

The restaurant now has all of the Christmas decor up and it is just as beautiful and elegant as ever!

So for our dinner choices this time I got the roasted salmon filet with Maille dijon sauce, roasted potatoes, and Haricot vets. For my cake selection, I got the incredibly moist red velvet cake with pink vanilla bean buttercream. It was all delicious!

It was a great evening.

Okay, let's get into my November favorites. I will start with this wonderful new tea that I found at the supermarket. 

It is called TeaWell Organic Matcha Green and I love it! As you can see it helps with antioxidant support, immune support, mental vitality and what I need digestion support! It has a wonderful earthy taste to it and tastes wonderful with a teaspoon of honey. And not to give to much t.m.i. it has been getting my juices flowing properly. 

And my new tea selection could not be complete without a new teapot. 

I found this beauty at Homegoods and they don't let you shop online yet. So if you have one nearby go and check it out. This teapot was only $14.99!

Fourth on my list, and it would not be complete without a favorite scent this month. I am loving the Tis the Season scent from Bath and Body Works. The combination of sweet apple, cinnamon, and cedarwood has been filling my hallways lately. I absolutely adore it!

As some of you may have heard my Christmas trees are up (I put up four in the house), and I can not get enough of them. I love my blue and white ornaments. I promise to post a video on my Youtube channel of the rest of my trees sometime soon. If you have not watched my video of our Barbie Ornament tree you may view it below. 

Sixth on my list has been these Thomas English muffins! I don't know what possessed me to get English muffins but I did and I love them! I bought a few into the office and I placed them in the toaster, spread some butter on them, and enjoy them at my desk with my blueberries and hot matcha green tea. That is how I start my morning when I get into the office! 

Seventh on my list and this list is getting quite long, are these bow mules that I ordered from Ann Taylor Factory. I talked about these on my blog a few weeks ago. See here if you missed it. They are so comfy and most of my co-workers love them! Don't miss out!

And last but certainly not least has been the Vince Guaraldi- Charlie Brown Christmas Songs! Now I know it may be a little soon for some but my daughter and I love listening to these on our way to school in the morning. 

Related image

They are so classic, timeless and simple. For some reason, these songs put my soul at ease and bring about some peace which is what this country needs so much. 

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed my favorites for the month. I will be prepping this week for Thanksgiving and will be really busy. I hope to film a little of it. We will see.

Enjoy your Monday!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Google)


  1. Dear Mrs. Shockley,

    I love the ice skating rink and near The Cake Bake Shop! You did have a wonderful evening.

    I enjoy the same english muffins (whole wheat) every morning. I love that they are prong separated, so you can use your fingers and preserve all the 'nooks and crannies.

    Your Charlie Brown Christmas is a favorite of mine, too. Last year I purchased Bing Crosby's Christmas Album CD and Rosemary Clooney's Christmas Album CD. They are wonderful, so retro and lovely.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Warmly, Kathleen

    1. Hello Kathleen,
      We did have a great time! I wish it could be this magical forever.
      I have not tried the whole wheat English muffins. I did try the blueberry. I didn't like those as much as the cinnamon. I will have to give the wheat a try.

      I LOVE Bing Crosby. Every time I hear his name it reminds me of White Christmas. Beautiful movie!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!

  2. Hi Mrs. Shockley,
    What a lovely way to bring in the holiday season.You are lucky to have the CakeBake shop nearby. I too eat English Muffins, especially this time of the year for breakfast. If not that, then chopped apples with 6oz of plain yogurt and granola on top. Keeps me full for hours.
    Tis the Season is my favorite too! My girls and I watch Charlie Brown Christmas movie several times during the season, but I never thought to listen to the sound track. We will start tomorrow on the way to school! Thank you for the idea! Can't wait to see whatever you decide to share this week!

    1. Hello Mya,
      We are very fortunate to have the Cake Bake shop near. It is enjoyable but very expensive!
      Oh gosh I love yogurt with granola. It's a wonderful combination. You have Tis the Season in your home too? Don't you just love it?
      My whole family loves Charlie Brown. Having these wonderful classics around just brings about warmth and cheer. I hope you and daughter enjoy the soundtrack.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You are so right about the Charlie Brown Christmas music. Such nostalgia!

    On Friday evening, we ventured to the theater to see the new Mr. Rogers movie. Being from the Pittsburgh area, it's special to us to begin with, but also my husband was an extra in one of the first scenes! The reason I mention it is because it was so very inspiring. As the credits rolled, everyone burst into applause. When we were exiting the theater, I heard a woman say the movie made her want to be a better person. I do recommend it, Mrs. Shockley!

    If you have the opportunity, I would enjoy watching a video of your Thanksgiving prep. Have you decided on a Thanksgiving day outfit yet?

    Kelsie - gar0190

    1. Hey Kelsie,
      Yes, everyone loves Charlie Brown!

      You saw the Mr. Rogers movie? Your husband was an extra in the film? How exciting! I loved Mr. Rogers growing up and always watched his shows. It was hard seeing that some people opposed his message. He meant no harm but people are people.

      I am trying to figure out how to film a Thanksgiving prep. I don't have a camera just my cell phone so we will see. I have decided on a dress to wear. It is called the Moondance Maxi from the Kate Hudson line from New York and Company. It is super comfy and I love the color. I may show it in the video if I can film one. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    2. Hello. Thanks for sharing and the food looks so delicious. The cake looks beautiful.I spent 48hrs in an Egyptian hotel with my family and the food did not look this good.😁

    3. Hello Aliyah,
      The cakes there are so good but how fabulous it was spending time with your family in Egypt! What a bucket list location!