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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Dream Garden House

Okay, I think I am late to this party. Am I the only one who did not see this beautiful garden house by Joanna Gaines? Seriously, this is chic backyard goals for me!

I would LOVE to have this. Apparently, most of the materials for this fabulous garden house were salvaged. How great is that?

Here's an up-close look. How beautiful!!!

I could totally see myself making bouquets for the house or maybe friends and family. You could have dinner out here or tea with some friends!

Can we talk about these beautiful arbors! I agree with Joanna. I could totally see a wedding here. I can also see wisteria growing on these. 

I am completely enamored with these flower boxes. I think that this would be such a great idea. My husband and I are just stumped about what to do with our backyard and it is so hard coming up with a plan because of our boxers. I don't want to wait until they pass away (that sounds horrible) but I feel so limited. I believe these boxes could help a lot!

If you want to read the rest of this article you may do so here. I believe we all can get some inspiration from these wonderful ideas. Joanna Gaines does such a wonderful job with home beauty. Enjoy the article!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Shockley,
    Apparently I'm also late to the party. Wow. I could see something like that in my backyard too. We have a creek that flows in our backyard that reminds me of the English Countryside. I've envisioned a small rose garden with a bistro set there for tea, lunch or whatever with a friend or date night with my husband. Or simply alone! I hope that someday you have the backyard of your dreams!

    1. And to add to this..I hear you about feeling limited. We have a very large playset for our girls- would be the perfect spot for a rose garden. It's okay. In the right it will come.

    2. Hello Mya,
      How lovely. You have a creek? I bet that is nice during all the seasons. And I agree, the time will come for your perfect backyard too. Right now we must enjoy our kids and dogs!

  2. Now ... I do not want to be a "Debby Downer" Mrs S. but I have a lovely round circle in the center of my back garden full of pink roses - we have a dark green wire fence about a foot high around it . Guess what ? My Pekingese can jump this fence and run a muck and eat the manure and break branches!
    I have had many dogs in my life ( 4 Peke's, two pugs, Shih tzu and my first dog - cairn terrier ) but you would think a tiny Peke would not get over that height.. but Yum Yum does! Rrrrrrr
    So..... have a "big think" before you go about the planter boxes in the garden with your Boxer Dogs.... Yum Yum is my fourth Pekingese ( and first male... Mmmmm? ) in my life and the most naughtiest of them all !!! lol

    1. Hello LadyJicky,
      Lol, your pekingese can jump the fence? That is too funny! I know I am going to have to wait on my garden. My boxers wiz everywhere! It's annoying but I love them and do enjoy them! Thank you for sharing your story about your dog!

  3. I enjoy your blog tremendously. You have such feminine class. I am reading your blog in Kuwait. Have a nice weekend.😀

    1. Hello Aliyah,
      Greetings all the way to Kuwait! Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for joining in on our little chat here. Please do come back and visit and thank you for your lovely comment!