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Friday, August 30, 2019

The Clear Tote

Hello three-day weekend! I am looking forward to enjoying my extra day off. With the holidays fast approaching and other year end deadlines, I relish any extra time I can get. 

Did any of you ever own a clear tote? Let's say in middle school or maybe high school? I know I did and it did not look this chic. I saw this tote on another blogger's website and thought wow! That is the chicest clear tote I have ever seen.

This lovely bag is called the clear stripe tote from Mark and Graham. This company seems to have a pretty good handle on chic bags. I mentioned their Concourse Tote here on the blog back in April. 

Image result for mark and graham clear striped tote

Now I am not a clear tote kinda of gal but this will make you think twice! I can really see me owning this! It's really beautiful to me and also comes in navy and green.

Image result for mark and graham clear striped tote

Love the idea about having a monogram on it with my initials. One thing is for sure, I won't see too many people here with it. I will keep it on my list. 

I hope that you all enjoyed this new little find. I will try to work on posting a new video to my YouTube channel. We will see how everything works out. Enjoy your long weekend!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Vintage Rose Pillowcases

Hello Wednesday and hopefully the beginning to cooler weather. We all get advertisements all the time and normally they are for things I would not buy but for some reason this beautiful vintage rose pillow sham came across my screen and I just fell in love immediately.

Image result for laurel duvet pillow sham

I am now on the hunt for vintage rose pillow shams. The first one was the one I originally wanted. I went to Pier One to try and find it but my location is very small and had limited items there.

But then I found this second one called Laurel duvet pillow sham and it is more stunning than the first. Oh now my decision making has become harder!


Then I remember the Monique Lhuillier Rose Bouquet Collection at Pottery Barn and these pillow shams are gorgeous also. It's hard because now that we have that new paint color I have to be aware of all of my decor choices. I am not as free as I was. I must make wise decisions and be aware of the room. So we will see. I will continue to look around and see what else is out there. But I think that number 2 would look splendid on our bed. Even with the paint color.

I will take my time in my search. I want to find some pillow shams that I love and are good quality so I know that I will have to pay a little more for something good. If you guys see anything that I might like please share!  

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, August 26, 2019

August Favorites

Oh my goodness. I am still wiped out and it's only Monday. I don't know what it is but I feel like something is sucking the energy out of my body. I think it could be the new school schedule for my daughter. Leaving the house almost an hour earlier has been a huge adjustment for us. Well, let's go ahead and get started with my favorites for this month. 

Let's start with the photo above. I have really enjoyed all of my floral arrangements this month. I have had LOTS of arrangments. My local grocery store has been running sales left and right. Even this past weekend I was able to get three dozens of roses at $6 each! Amazing right?

My second favorite has been my dowel tote handbag from Target. I have been carrying non-stop and have received numerous compliments on it. It's chic, cheap and spacious. It's a winner!

My third favorite has been a bit of a surprise. I purchased these pearl hair clips from H&M but Target also has them here. I have seen a few YouTubers and Instagrammers with these and I was a little hesitant but I love them! They look great and add a bit of a whimsical look to your appearance. Give them a try! 

My fourth favorite has been Jennifer L. Scott's video about her vintage Victoria magazine from 1994. I can't tell you guys how many times I have watched it. It's been a few. I was inspired by this and recorded my own flip through on my Youtube channel with my own vintage Victoria magazine. My magazine is from 2002 not quite as old but it was the beginning of who I am today. I hope that you guys got a chance to watch her video and mine. 

Her video

And here is my video

The fifth favorite on my list is my newly painted bedroom. I know that it has not been an entire month yet but I do love it! Color makes such a difference in a home. It can change how you see a room completely.

And my last favorite was the vintage purse/truck show that I got invited to last week. I enjoyed that so much and really loved looking at all of the vintage Louis Vuitton's and Gucci bags. I did not make a purchase but loved having an opportunity to visit, shop, and have a mom moment. 

I hope you all enjoyed my favorites for this month. Share some of your monthly favorites below. I am curious about what has made you smile this month. 

Thanks for reading!!

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Friday, August 23, 2019

Things I Love: Climbing Roses

It is Friday and the month of August is winding down. I can't believe it! Goodness, gracious! Next week will be time to share my monthly favorites already. I have a few to share and really enjoyed this month's items. 

I am so excited you guys. You want to know why? It's because this weekend's low is going to be in the '50s! Oh yeah! My husband has a fit when I get excited about 50-degree weather. I love my crisp morning air walks to my office. It is the best thing ever to me. I so love wearing my skirts, still being bare-legged and wearing one of my gorgeous pink blush scarfs. It is so chic!

Sighing.... it is just bliss to me. So today I wanted to share a little favorite of mine. Climbing roses.... aren't they just like heaven?

I have always wanted climbing roses on my home but my husband gives me all of these excuses as to why they are bad for the house. I don't even remember what the excuses were. Maybe it's because I ignore him when he tries to ruin my beauty ideas. 

Wouldn't you love to have something like this embracing your home? I know I would. The vines, the scent..... it's just glorious.

I've never seen a store like this. I heard that this one is in London. I hope I can visit one day. 

I have always wanted a backyard gazebo or some sort of sun room in my backyard. I would even settle for having climbing roses on my garage. I just want them! 

Well as always thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy your weekend. I hope these 50-degree lows stick around for a few days. 


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Wednesday, August 21, 2019



And time for a little blue and white find. A few weeks ago, after viewing some wonderful finds at Ann Taylor, my family and I stopped by Sur La Table. 

Remember I talked about this wonderful place when my husband and I took a cooking class there for a date night. Gosh, we really need to do that again, but they had new dinner plates and accessories. 

Aren't these fab? And they are thick. They don't feel like discount plates. They look and feel wonderful! These are called the Toscana dinner plates and they come in green and white also. 

There were matching bowlsplatters, and mugs. I hope I can catch them on sale the next time we go. I would love to have a few of the plates. I really adore those. 

If you have a Sur La Table near you go and visit it. It is a beautiful store with wonderful accessories and supplies on how to dine well. My husband and I love visiting our store. There are always items we want for home and always classes that we want to try. 

Thanks for reading! 

Au Revoir!

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Our Painted Room

Our room before 

Well Hello Everyone!

I am very excited this morning. As most of you know my bedroom, master bathroom and our daughter's room was painted this weekend. Oh my gosh, it has been a long wait but my husband and our good friend Rob got it done Saturday morning. 

I wrote about the paint colors in 2017 so this has been in the making for a while. 

I made sure that I stayed out of the way. I was invited to a purse/truck party on Saturday morning. There were vintage Louis Vuitton's and Gucci's available. I did not purchase anything. I was not emotionally ready to spend over $1,000 and I am glad that I didn't. 


When I came home it was almost finished so I just waited downstairs and relaxed. I think it turned out great! It is pretty close to the color that I originally picked out. 

It's funny the color is called excalibur gray.  It's interesting how they name colors now. 

It definitely has a purple tone to it. I was trying to talk my husband into a pink blush but that didn't go so well. I think down the road I will end up getting it. 

I do love my new paint color and will enjoy it. Our daughter's room was painted a sky blue and she loves it! I would post a picture but her room is a mess. Teenagers! I hope you all have a great Monday and thanks for reading!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Pinterest)

Friday, August 16, 2019

Late Summer Loves

Bonjour Everyone!
I hope that your Friday is starting off well. Mine is okay. We dropped my step-son off at Ball State yesterday. It was a little bittersweet but I know that he is thrilled to begin his new journey. 

I absolutely hate it when Ann Taylor sends out emails. I know that I have to look at the new arrivals section and I always hope that I don't find anything.

That was the case when I received the new arrivals email about two weeks ago. My wish did not come true.  Sighing...

I now have six new items on my wish-list and I really want them. Usually, when I see something on the website that I want I will just add it to my wish-list. Once I have a moment I print out my wish-list and go to my local Ann Taylor store to see it in person.

I am very fortunate to have two stores that have remained in our city. In some cases when I arrive at the store and view the item I am so glad that I did purchase it because it was not as pretty in person or the item is see-through. That has saved me lots of headaches.

This weekend my husband took me to the Ann Taylor and I was hoping that the items would look like crap but.... they don't and now I can't wait until they go on sale!

The first item on my wishlist is this floral wrap flare dress. Isn't it the perfect green? I love the floral design on it and the cut of the dress. 

It looked great on the mannequin and will be staying on my list. 

Next was the pleated tie blouse that matched the dress. I saw this immediately with one of my black swing skirts, a single strand of pearls, and a great pair of kitten heels. So this is staying on the list. This blouse is also available in winter white and was also added to my list. 

The second dress that was on my list was this beautiful pleated skirt dress in blue glaze. Isn't it stunning? I saw this with some kitten heels and a pearl bracelet. This would also be great in the autumn with a pair of brown heels and a beautiful cardigan. I must get it!

Image result for reese houndstooth pump

Fourth on my list are these great houndstooth pumps. I MUST HAVE THESE! I am trying to wait until these go on sale. I don't want to pay full price so I am trying to be patient. I have a feeling that I am going to love these. So chic and classic!

Reese Suede Bow Pumps

I had to add these too! These would look great with everything on this list. These are the Reese Suede pumps in frosted almond.

I am loving all of these finds from Ann Taylor. I am trying my hardest to wait for the best prices but sometimes thing sell out so we will see how it goes. I did stop in Ann Taylor Loft to look around and I did end up finding some great items there. 

This pearl necklace was on sale and is very elegant. The pearls almost look like saltwater pearls. It's lovely.

I really like this floral wrap top

But I end up buying...

This wonderful and whimsical pleated polka dot dress. Oh my gosh! This dress is soooo elegant. It flows behind you as you walk. It's just perfect! I love it so.

Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed this elegant finds from my favorite store. Please share if you have any of these pieces. I would love to hear about them. 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your weekend!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Ann

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Elegance in Partnerships

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, this was an interesting paragraph that I came across in the English Etiquette book, it was called "Rules for Good Partnerships at Home". I had to share these tips on today's blog post. I know we could all use some help in those marriages because sometimes wanting to live in order and being able to accomplish it with a spouse that is different from you can be challenging. 

The first tip is...

All decisions made by the partnership are final, and not to be undermined by subordinates. These rules stay in place even if one partner is out of the picture temporarily. 

(My husband and I established with the children when they were very young)


Children must be respectful to both parents and not try to win one over in order to change the opinion of the other. 


Parents must demonstrate respect for their partner in front of their children. There is to be no badmouthing or complaining about their spouse in front of them. 

(This one can be hard. Because sometimes I just want to beat my husband for not doing something that I asked him to do 6 years ago)


Parents must ensure that they have sufficient "scared time". This means a set time in which children must be in bed so that parents can relax alone. Children are not permitted in the bedroom of the parents, or for cuddles on the sofa DURING THIS TIME. 

And lastly,

Allow the love for your partner to be seen in front of the children. Kiss, compliment and communicate. You are the models for your children's future relationships. Set a good example.

Great tips! Most of these my husband and I do pretty well but I'm telling you I have wanted to slap him upside his head for not doing something. Especially when I have waited for YEARS! 

I hope that you all enjoyed these tips from author Alena K. Pettitt and pick up her book!

(photos via Pinterest, tips via The English Etiquette)

Monday, August 12, 2019

Silly Worries

Good Monday Morning,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My husband and I are gearing up to drop my step-son off at college this week. I can't believe it seriously. I will be worrying about everything for him. But I am trying to have a little faith about his new adventure. 

Worries are apart of life.  I wish they weren't but I am trying to learn to master my mind and not let silly things worry me. That's another reason why I wanted to share this article that I found on Real Simple

It's called "Do You Need to Worry about these 12 Health Symptoms"? I wanted to share a few from the list that I know that I worried about at some point or another. 

1) Okay, chronic headaches. Yes, I am one of the idiots that thought, "well could this be a brain tumor"? Stupid right? Well the doctor from the article said this...

“Headaches alone don’t make me look for a brain tumor,” says neurologist MaryAnn Mays, a staff physician at the Headache Center at the Cleveland Clinic. A brain tumor would typically involve symptoms such as sudden muscle weakness, headaches that wake you from sleep, numbness, personality changes, lack of coordination, vomiting, and changes in vision, hearing, and speech.

2) Breast pain
Of course I think it's breast cancer which is horrible. But the oncologist said this...

“Breast pain, in isolation, is almost never cancer,” says oncologist Richard Elledge, an associate professor of medicine at the Breast Center at the Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston. “You don’t need to worry,” he says, “unless you have symptoms, such as new lumps, that don’t come and go with menstruation; changes in the color or some other appearance of the skin over the breasts; or bloody discharge from the nipples.”


3) Chest pain
I couldn't tell you how many times I have called my doctor about this in the past. But the cardiologist said this...

Heart attacks are relatively rare in people under the age of 45. The average age among women for a first heart attack is 70. Because getting treatment within one hour of a heart attack increases the survival rate, experts say not to ignore intense chest pain that lasts for more than five minutes. “I’ve had female patients as young as 32 have heart attacks,” says cardiologist Richard Stein, the director of preventive cardiology at Beth Israel Medical Center, in New York City. If the pain lasts for more than five minutes, call 911.

and lastly

4) A New Mole, Pigmented Skin Growth or Spot
Since my mother in law found skin cancer on her about 2 years ago, I have been on high alert ever since. But what the dermatologist says is...

A harmless mole, a seborrheic keratosis (a wartlike growth common in people over 40), or an age spot. Skin is constantly changing, in part due to sun exposure. Many changes are harmless, but “if you’re over 30, take new moles seriously,” says Deborah Sarnoff, M.D., a professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine. Do monthly self-exams and get a skin-cancer check from a dermatologist every three years if you’re between the ages of 20 and 40 and annually after age 40. The ABCDE warning signs for skin cancer are a mole or a spot that is asymmetrical, has an irregular border, is unevenly colored (or has patches of red, white, or blue), has a diameter wider than a quarter inch, or seems to be evolving.

Well this article sure did calm some of my nerves down. I hope it did the same for you. Please finished reading the rest of the article. There are more facts and reality checks that we all need. 

Thanks for reading!

(article from Real & photos via Pinterest)

Friday, August 9, 2019

Beautiful Cupboards

Good Morning Everyone, and happy Friday! It's been a long week for us. We had to adjust to a new schedule because I now have to have our daughter at school by 7:50 instead of 8:30. Huge adjudgment! 

Today I just wanted to share a simple post about beautifully decorated cupboards. Most of you have read about my cupboard update back in 2017. I can't believe it's been that long already. 

These cupboards were a few of my favorites on Pinterest.

I even love this small dish organizer. This would be great for an apartment or even a college dorm if your young adult is chic!

This is my favorite out of all of them. Of course, I love the blue and white but I also love seeing the napkins at the bottom and the fresh floral arrangments. So beautiful!

The gold pieces in this are lovely also. I am so drawn to order. Especially, order in the home. I love seeing it. It is inspiring, needed, and celebrated. If you love organizing and cupboards you should watch this Martha Stewart video about cupboard organizing. 

Again, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and I will see you all next time!

Thanks for reading!

(photos via Pinterest)