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Monday, June 10, 2019

Simple Picks

Good Morning! I was not sure if I was going to be able to get a blog post together for today but here we are with something simple. 

Darn those Ann Taylor Factory emails! I found some beautiful yet simple pieces to share today. 

First is this lovely boatneck sweater. I love a good boatneck. They are so feminine and classy and this one comes in nine different colors. Oh joy!   

I ordered it in slate blue. I can see it now with a pair of pearls. 

Next is this simple yet beautiful striped shirtdress. The price is outstanding and who would not want this beautiful piece in their wardrobe? It's so versatile. You can wear it to work, a wedding, church, dinner with your husband or with a friend. I know I look forward to wearing it. I ordered it for myself. 

The third item is this soft but fitted ribbed trim sweater. This also comes in seven different colors. I had to order it in the dogwood pink. It was too pretty not to. 

And last but there certainly was more that I wanted to order are these charming pom-pom slippers! Aren't these lovely? I had to have a pair and at $14.99 who wouldn't! They also come in three different colors and I had to have them in the frosted pink. Wonderful right? 

I hope that you all enjoyed these simple little finds. These slippers would also make a great gift if any of you are looking for something. Well have a great Monday and remember to look your absolute best today!

(photos via Ann Taylor


  1. Hi Mrs. Shockley,
    Yay!! A Monday post. I absolutely love the short sleeve sweater top, in Slate Blue. I am considering it, but would appreciate some advice. I don't wear jeans, or any pants for that matter. And I have a job where I wear scrubs. So, I would wear this at home. How would you style this with a skirt? Or what color or style of skirt.I usually only wear dresses to avoid this.
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Mya!
      I don't wear pants either so I was going to wear mine with a black skirt or a white skirt would be pretty! You could also wear it with a khaki skirt or capri pants if you have any. A silk scarf would be beautiful with this too! There are all kinds of ways to wear this beautiful sweater. I hope you order one for yourself! I hope you share how you style it if you do!