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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cheese Plate ~ 2019

We are starting the third week of 2019 already. These years are going by so fast. I was checking past posts on the blog and I made my first cheese plate in 2017. I loved that one. I felt like a "grown up" that year.

My second cheese board in 2018 was delicious also. I loved the sweet french bread with the fig spread and brie.

This year I picked out my own cheeses with a little help from one of the reps. He showed me that they had a section with cheese for $5 and below. Great!

I love the dried apricots. I don't feel as guilty nibbling on these. They are so good and add just enough sweetness to the board. 

The other suggestion that he made was getting some nuts. So I ended up purchasing some honey roasted nuts. Also really good!

I grabbed a bag of green grapes and crispy crackers and we were ready to bring in the New Year!

We popped open our wine and sat and enjoyed the evening. 

Everything was so good and our daughter loves the smoked gouda. I couldn't get enough of the brie cheese with the fig spread together. Goodness, that was good! 

I hope that you all enjoyed your New Year and are looking forward to 2019! Cheers!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)