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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Breakers

It's Wednesday already and today I will be volunteering at Dress for Success. I've got some clothes that I need to drop off. I am having one of my "massive purge" feelings. I love these but also hate them because it's usually a year later I began looking for whatever I got rid of and then I totally regret it. 

It takes a few weeks for me to move on and then I feel good about my closet being "lighter". Well the word is getting out in my office. How I adore elegance and beautiful things. Oh boy, I have some co-workers giving me the stare down but no matter I will keep moving forward.

One co-worker in particular shared how she went on a historical home tour in Rhode Island. It piqued my interest so she came to my office to tell me about it. Oh me, oh my. I now want to take a tour of the Breakers!

Image result for the breakers

(The Breakers)

I have never heard of these homes before and was very grateful that my co-worker shared her experience with me. I quickly hoped on the website and learned about all of the homes on this fabulous tour.

The Breakers were these massive homes that were considered to be "summer cottages" in the 1800's. Can you believe that these homes were considered to be summer cottages? Nuts!!!

Related image

(the Chepstow Home)

The Preservation Society of Newport County has 10 homes listed on the website as apart of the tour. My friend said that you could buy a ticket to tour all of the homes and even see the gardens. Sounds like an elegant dream to me. 

Related image

It should be no surprise that most of these homes have a connection to the Vanderbilts. I toured the Biltmore Estates in 2016 (see here if you missed it)

Image result for green animals topiary gardens rhode island

I think taking a tour of the Green Animals Topiary Garden would be fun. I know our daughter would love to see this. 

I am thrilled to learn about more places that my family and I could possibly tour. Well, maybe just me. I have already thought about how I could add these to our time when we visit New York again. 

If you have visited the Breakers please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear about your experience and your time there. 

(photos via Google)

Monday, November 18, 2019

Affordable Vintage Inspired Earrings

Good Morning Everyone!

I have been feeling wiped out for the last few weeks. I don't know if it's the weather or all of my lists that I have going on. 

I am just about finished with Christmas shopping and I have most of my Thanksgiving feast purchased. The only items I have left are the fresh ingredients which I try to wait until the last minute to buy. 

Today I wanted to share a lovely and affordable find. With the holidays fast approaching I thought these beautiful Victoria Style Earrings from Amazon would be the pretty item to add to your holiday outfit!

These are called the BriLove Victorian Style Clip-On Earrings and they come in eight different colors!

I purchased the champagne, ruby, and the emerald. They are so beautiful and comfy! Each set comes with its own gift box and jewelry pouch. There are even extra stones and an extra comfy pad for each set. 

The emerald...

The ruby...

And the champagne, my favorite!

The price is only $12.99 each and free shipping! I am thinking about going back and ordering more colors. Maybe the amethyst or the navy. 

I hope you all enjoyed this find and order a pair for yourself!


(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Friday, November 15, 2019

An Elegant Party Closet

Hi There!

Happy Friday to all! Boy, I tell you, inspiration is everywhere. I was in Pinterest recently, lots of inspiration there, and saw Bunny Williams's party closet!

Oh, something else that I would love to amass!

party closet serving williams veranda

Now wouldn't this be great? Well, I guess if you like to entertain it would be great but some people may see this as another area that they have to organize and keep clean. 

I see beauty and whatever ways to serve others with it. 

The party closet has been coined as, "a place to get creative and make entertaining at home easy and fun. It has also been declared as the new shoe closet! I can definitely agree with that. 

She even has all of her linens hanging on hangers. How chic! This would feel like a shopping trip in your own home. It's a great way to see everything you have and not buy doubles of anything. 

party closet containers williams veranda

Designer Becky Boyle said, “I also have all of my vases and containers on one shelf so I can see everything at once. Not only does it help me plan a table or quickly pull something together if someone pops over, but it also helps me know when to add or replace things.”

There are so many ideas and inspiration for a party closet. You may read the article here to find some. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and even if you have a small home you can use a small antique cupboard to convert into one. Enjoy your weekend!

party closet armoire closed georgantas veranda

(photos via

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Nightwear Collection

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the no-post on Monday. I was wiped out from Christmas decorating on Sunday. I am grateful that we had Monday off. That helped! I had a request to show what my nightwear collection looked like.

At the time of the request, I was working on getting new nightgowns. It is really cold here in Indy. Our high yesterday was below 30 degrees and I needed to get some thicker nightgowns. 

So below are the current nightgowns that I own. They may be a little frumpy to some but it's cold here and I have step-sons that pop-up and I don't need to be wearing anything revealing. 

I just purchased this recently. It's the Secret Treasures Collection from Walmart! Yes, Walmart and I do love it! Now I know that a lot of people are not a fan of Walmart (including myself) but sometimes you can find a great thing or two. 

Here is my second gown from Walmart and it is blue and white. Yay!

My third winter nightgown (also from Walmart). I think I got this a size too big but it works. It is so soft and keeps me warm. 

I have a silk gown that I wear during the summer and winter. I can't remember where I got this from but here is a similar one if you are interested. 

Here is my last silk gown. I wear this in the summer and spring also. The robe I did find at Walmart but I can not find a link to it. Sorry!

I did feel kind of weird writing this post and posting pictures but I don't think that I am revealing too much so it should be okay. If you have any sources as to where you find your presentable sleepwear please post it in the comments section below. We all read them and love to hear what others are wearing. 

Thanks for reading!!!

If you wish to read Jennifer L. Scott's blog post about her nightwear you may view it here.

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Friday, November 8, 2019

A Charleston Home Tour

Good Morning All and Happy Friday,

Sorry but, GO AWAY!!! I see your porn website is on my blog. Geez, what do you sick people want! I am working on getting you blocked now! Any way.....

I've got a busy weekend planned. I am putting up my Christmas trees! Yes, I know it is early but I must get a head start because I put up about six and I want to enjoy them for more than a month. So I will be starting that this weekend. 

We also have Monday off for Veterans Day (thank you to everyone for your service) so I will be using that day to run some errands. There is a new consignment store that I wanted to visit so we will see how that goes. I've got to return some purchases at the mall and Von Maur's beauty week starts so I may take a peek at what they are offering. 

Today's post is a beautiful home tour from one of my favorite bloggers. I follow Gal Meets Glam (Julia Engel)'s blog and website religiously. I have been such a fan of her style and home decor for about six years now. 

I saw this home tour on the Southern Living Magazine website recently and just became enamored with all of the inspiration from the home. Even if you don't like everything about it there is still so much decor inspiration to pick from it. 

Gorgeous curb appeal!!! I love the splash of blue on the home. See....serious home decor inspiration!

They have a beautiful wrap around porch. She and her husband always do a great job of decorating their outdoor space. 

Image result for gal meets glam home porch tour 

The breakfast nook area is bright and inviting and the butler's pantry area is something that most of us will kill for! 

Now the kitchen is spacious, full of color, and simply stunning. But... there is a but for me. I am not a fan of the light fixtures. I am a vintage chandelier kinda girl but as I stated above, you don't have to like everything about someone else's space. You can just use it as inspiration. 

southern living charleston home

These chairs are my favorite thing. They have the chinoiserie look and they are just classic!

Related image

Now, this photo is from a couple of years ago. I remember seeing this peony on her wall and thinking, "I must have it". I asked her and she said that it was made by an artist in San Francisco named Tiffanie Turner. Here is her website if you are interested. 

Doesn't this look like a wonderful retreat? I only dream of having bed linens like this. I am working on it but they are quite expensive. I'll get there. 

I don't want to show all of the pictures so if you wish to see the rest of the tour click on the link above to view and take it all in. 

Home tours are so wonderful. It's amazing how someone else can decorate their home in a way that you would have never thought of. Enjoy your weekend!

(photos via Gal Meets

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Chinoiserie Gift Bags

Good Morning and Welcome to November!

I can't believe we are saying that... November. Well, we had an interesting weekend. My step-son called and said that he wanted to come home for the weekend.... with his new girlfriend. 

Oh Lord.... so they came down and we all had dinner and she slept in his room and he was downstairs (she is from Ohio and has no family here in the city). It was a little awkward to me but I wanted to make her feel welcomed. 

It turned out okay. She is a very nice girl and is studying to become a pediatric surgeon. Lots of school ahead of her so we all hope she does well. 

In today's post, I wanted to share a recent beautiful find. You all know how much I love blue and white so when I saw these on The Enchanted Home's website I knew that I had to purchase a few. 

Gorgeous aren't they? Now the blue and white chinoiserie gift bag is pretty sturdy and wonderfully beautiful. 

The inside is spacious and is the average size of a gift bag.

The ginger jar and pink blossoms gift bag is lovely also. She has it in large and small so make sure that you pay attention to the description box if you order one. 

Such classic and beautiful bags. They come in sets of two so you will get two bags with each order. I am interested in ordering the classic topiary gift bag. That looks pretty chic too. Now I am keeping my gift bags to myself. I will use them to carry things to the office and other office-like tasks. I would not recommend gifting one to someone unless you know that they are a die-hard blue and white fan. 

Most people would just throw these away. These are something to be enjoyed over and over. I hope all of the blue and white fans enjoy these. Can't you just see these with beautiful tissue showing at the top of these? So beautiful. Have a great Wednesday!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Monday, November 4, 2019

Ann Taylor Factory ~ Cheap Finds

Good Morning Everyone,

I had another blog post planned for today but I did not want anyone to miss out on these wonderful deals! 

You know I just keep telling myself, "I will not do any bogus shopping" and without fail a beautiful advertisement will appear somewhere in my social media news feed and pull me away.

I must get stronger but until then take a look at all of these beautiful finds from Ann Taylor Factory.

Image result for bow mules ann taylor factory

I just ordered these extremely chic bow mules. They are suppose to arrive this week. I hope they fit well!

This tweed clutch is another gorgeous find and for $35 why not!

This beautiful and classic funnel neck coat comes in three different colors and goes all the way up to size 18. It's $113 with an extra 25% off! Take advantage!

This festive beaded sweater comes in two different colors and is perfect for the holidays!

Image result for beaded yoke sweater ann taylor factory

Faux leather is in and I am trying to find a skirt for myself. But I did not want anyone to miss out on this faux leather wrap skirt for only $53 with 25% off! It goes up to a size 18! 

Image result for faux leather wrap skirt ann taylor factory

I am seriously contemplating buying this beautiful scarlet lily shell. It would be perfect with a beautiful cardigan!

Now we can't forget about jewelry. A chic look is not complete without it. I love these starburst earrings. They always add just enough sparkle to one's face. 

A lace sleeve blouse is always lovely. I love this in the putty but it comes in five different colors!

Image result for lace sleeve scoop neck ann taylor factory

Block heel pumps are becoming more and more popular! And why not, they are so comfy. I found these for $47 with 25% off and they come in tweed! Yay!

thumbnail 0

I am also thinking about ordering one of these manicure kits as well. They come in three different covers and are seriously cheap! It would be a great gift!

Image result for manicure kit ann taylor factory

Here's another great gift. A quilted cosmetic case for under $20. Has a very Chanelish look to it.

thumbnail 0

I don't care what time of year it is I cannot overlook a great floral wrap blouse. This is stunning and may be added to my list! 

thumbnail 0

And my last item are these stone huggie earrings. Now I don't know if they are clip or pierced but they are elegant. I may have to call Customer Service to find out. 

Image result for stone huggie earrings ann taylor factory

I do hope that you enjoyed these beautiful, elegant, and affordable finds from Ann Taylor. I hope you all have a great Monday and let me know in the comments section below if you will be making a purchase! I am curious about what my readers love!

(photos via Ann Taylor

Friday, November 1, 2019

Reputation by Association

Good Morning Everyone,

It has been an interesting week. I am still volunteering at Dress for Success and still enjoy it. Being around all these different women just had me thinking. Do you believe that we attract who we are?

I believe it and have seen it work in my life as well as others. Remember that classless co-worker that I talked about here on the blog? Well, one of our other co-workers was friends with her and as I watched their friendship I noticed that the other co-worker (who was very nice) begin to act like and sort of take on the nasty one's demeanor. 

It was really hard to watch and some of us noticed it right away and felt sorry for her. Well, I am happy to report that they are no longer friends. The nasty one (who was nasty to me and others) destroyed that friendship as well and the nice one was left without an explanation. 

She just stopped talking with her which is really sad. She didn't even tell her why she did not want to be friends anymore. I can't say I am surprised. I talked with my mentor about it and she said (which is what I already knew) she no longer had a use for her and didn't need her anymore. Really sad...

Be careful who you let into your "gates". Not everyone is for you. I am still reading the English Etiquette and I am in the chapter about reputation. Alena had some wonderful tidbits in this section. 

"When you spend time with people who are thin on morality, manners and common decency as if by osmosis, your reputation and self-worth will begin to fall in line with theirs". 

"Choose wisely who you spend your time with because despite what you know in your heart, you will look guilty by association and the time spent with those people will only serve to drag you down and perhaps tempt you in the long run". 

"Be the light to these people but don't validate what they are doing by passively hanging around with them in order to make yourself or them feel better". 

I take these wisdom points very seriously. I am very, very cautious about who I let into my gates. I know that not everyone is my friend. It's so unfortunate that we have to be this way. But be careful sometimes that you don't turn a blind eye to someone's horrible behavior just to have a friend. But is that really friendship? 

I have been praying for years (since 2012) that the Lord will send me godly friends that will pray for me and I will pray for them. But another thing that I always pray is that the Lord will sever ties with people that I don't need to be in relationships with. 

So I hope that these tidbits of wisdom help and remind you that friendships are wonderful but be careful about who you let into your life. Have a great weekend!

(photos via Pinterest)