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Monday, June 19, 2017

Walking Around D.C.

My husband and I have been wanting to go to D.C. for sometime now. So when the opportunity came up at my office for a mandatory training in Washington I couldn't wait to tell my husband!

He was more excited than the kids! We got all packed up and headed out. It was a 9 hour drive but we enjoyed it along the way. Meaning we slept most of the way.

Once we arrived we checked into our hotel early and hit the streets. The first few moments there we walked several miles around the neighborhoods.

It was hot a day!!!

I loved all the small private gardens that the residences had. 

My husband said, "I spy blue and white in the window". 

Loved all the different color buildings...

So chic... couldn't you see a very chic woman walking out the door with her
cream silk blouse on, leather black skirt, nude pumps, black Chanel bag, 
gold bracelet and double layer pearls?

Pretty hydrangeas!

I love these. Does anyone know the name of this flower?

I have no idea what these are but they were too pretty not to take a picture of.

After our walk we decided it was lunch time and headed to 14th Street because some of the residents there told us that there were many food options there. We ended up at Taylor Gourmet. I love being able to choice my own bread, deli meat and veggies for sandwiches. It was really good and gave us a chance to rest up for the next items on our list. If ever in D.C. take a moment to walk around the neighborhoods. The historical buildings are very beautiful. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your photos of the pretty gardens and homes in DC, Ms Shockley! I'm no expert, but I think the purple flowers are clematis, and the flowers in the next photo look like a yucca plant. Also, what a lovely place for your daughter's violin lessons! Blessings! Bess

    1. Hello Bess,
      Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for the info on the purple flowers. I will definitely look into those! And thank you for the compliment toward my daughter's violin teacher's home! I do enjoy it!