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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Chic for the Interview

So I know that we are all fans of Pinterest. I know I am! I love all the inspiration and ideas that come from it! It's wonderful! I did see this pin recently from Career Contessa and I thought I would share it.

I talked about Career Contessa on my blog in 2014, see the post here. It is a wonderful website for career driven women and has wonderful resources.

The pin that I saw was called, "Everything You Need to Bring to an Interview". The list gives you great advice on what to pack in your bag the day of the interview.

1) Pen and Paper
Because taking notes with your phone is unacceptable.

2) Copies of Your Resume
10 copies to be exact. Better too many than not enough

3) A Copy of your Cover Letter
Just in case you are asked about something you included

4) Comfortable Shoes
Flats in the purse just in case, never a bad thing

5) A mirror
You'll want to quickly check for lipstick on your teeth. We promise....

6) Spare pair of tights
If your wearing tights, they WILL get a run in them.

7) An Ipad
So you can show examples of your work (printed portfolios are archaic)

8) A Cheat~sheet
To get you back on track when you are at loss for words

9) Business cards
They're great for handing out to additional people you may meet

10) Printed questions
It's crucial to ask good questions at the interview. Have a hard copy.

11) A Thank You Note
Give out hand written notes in-person, then follow- up with a more detailed note via email. 

Honestly, these are some great tips and I love the idea about writing a thank you letter to the interviewers after the meeting. I have done that before. It is wonderful! I hope these tips help you along the way!

(photos via Pinterest)

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