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Monday, May 22, 2017

Beauty Everyday....

I try to spend everyday of my life enjoying beauty everyday. Sometimes I get sly remarks from family, friends or co-workers but I try to press on.

My photo of peonies

I will never understand why beauty bothers some people. I wear dresses or skirts everyday and it bothers some people. I don't understand. I have had some women try to stop me from wearing them. They make remarks like, " you know I know some stores that sell great pants, or " doesn't it bother you to wear skirts everyday?" 

I chuckle on the inside because I can see right through it. So I tell them, "Thank you for the suggestion but no, I love skirts and dresses and will continue to wear them. Some women move right along but others well.... they still try. Yet I still continue to enjoy the beauty of skirts everyday....

Me at my piano weekly piano lesson

I love pretty dishes and cups and use them everyday. I have had some remarks about that too. I have china at work also. I use a pretty tea cup for my hot water, lemon and honey everyday and I use an antique blue and white plate for my breakfast pastry everyday. 

I think some people are afraid of beauty because they have been in darkness for so long that the "light" of beauty frightens them. But not me I run toward it. Whenever I see beauty when I am out I take photos. Like this photo below is of a cupboard filled with blue and white ginger jars. It is at my favorite retail store called Von Maur. 

And this is near the ladies bathroom. Great right?

My peonies at home

I have beauty in every corner of my home. Fresh flowers are everywhere if the budget allows it. 

My garden in the front of my house.

I have beauty outside of my home. I love sitting on my porch with my family watching the hummingbirds eat from our feeders and smelling the flowers. 

Whatever "your beauty" is enjoy it. Don't let people try to talk you out of what is not their own. If you enjoy wearing skirts or dresses everyday continue, if you use china at work continue, if you enjoy flowers continue, if you love blue and white continue, if you worship God, continue. 

My obsession with french chateaus....

For those of us that love beauty and share it. Let us continue.


This is a wonderful video that I found recently about blogger Mimi Thorrison. This is a wonderful video of how to enjoy beauty everyday. She has flowers around and her recipes look simple and delicious. The language is not in English but I do hope that you enjoy it. I know I did!

(photos Mrs. Shockley and Pinterest)


  1. I understand completely Mrs. Shockley. Those people are usually jealous and what you to look like them and everyone else. They are really wanting your light to dimmer. Some can't understand the beauty of flowers and why they are so appealing. What makes flowers beautiful to me is the beauty and grace. their beauty is fleeting, but thats why one should enjoy them because they don't last forever. they would rather eat off of paper plates daily, and what I say to them is that you could have had a nice set of china instead of throwing your money in the trash. I love being surrounded around beauty, it calms me and puts a smile on my face. I would not have it any other way!

    1. Indeed! I love beauty too! There seems to be a war going on. All I want to do is inspire and enjoy beautiful things. But we will continue to press on!

  2. Isn't it funny how some people will try to bring you (down) to their level. Imagine if you went up to them and said 'Why don't you try wearing skirts?' They'd think 'How rude.' But when it's them giving unsolicited advice or opinions, it's okay.

    I used to get this about not drinking. It's been ages now, maybe more than four years I think, so no-one bothers me anymore, but when it was quite new and I decided actually I liked being a non-drinker, I'd just quietly ask for a non-alcoholic drink. 'Are you sure?' I'd be asked, 'Maybe just one?' I'd say 'No thanks, I'm good' with a smile.

    Imagine it being turned around and me saying to them 'Are you sure you want to drink that wine, why don't you have a sparkling water instead.' I just wouldn't say that because everyone is entitled to make their own choices.

    I love that you surround yourself with beauty and I have often found myself thinking about 'what Mrs Shockley would do' when I find myself falling to the practical side (from laziness) and not indulging in all the beauty around me.

    Thank you for your continued loveliness :)

    1. Oh Fiona! Thank you so much for the compliment! I really don't know what to say. I think that you are very inspiring too! I sometimes think about what my blogger friends would do in a situation that I am in.

      I had this really petty neighbor who would make sly remarks about me and my family on her Facebook page. The only reason why I was "friends" with her is because our girls were friends but I hated her being on my page because I knew she was so petty. I blocked her recently and she realized immediately which told me that she was on my page constantly. She asked my daughter if I was really "like this". That made me so mad! But I knew that she was just looking for dirt. Come to find out she and her family lied about the home they were in. She was renting and was lying to the neighbors about it. And she was in financial ruin. So it was about they fact that her life was not in order and she needed some dirt on me. I am so happy that they moved out of of neighborhood! All that did was confirm that I am still on the right path for me. Thank you for the kinds words Fiona. I will continue to pursue beauty and you continue with the wonderful books. We do enjoy them!

  3. Dear Mrs. Shockley,

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and love your efforts to enjoy and appreciate the beauty in your life, and inspire others to do the same. We all need more beauty in our lives - in a multitude of forms. How much richer life would be if more people added grace notes to life in the form of simple beauties - whether by wearing skirts and dresses :), or placing bouquets of flowers in the house, or by smiling at someone, writing
    thank-you notes, learning new things, being quietly helpful or encouraging, or by aspiring to be the best in whatever ways one can be.

    I am so glad you are publishing your blog with its thoughtful posts and lovely pictures. Do pursue what uplifts you and makes you happy regardless of what others say - your success in creating an elegant life will prove your efforts were right, and worth it!

    Arabella Baldwin

    1. Thank you Arabella! How did you find the blog? I am always curious about how readers find the blog. Thank you so much for the kind words. I keep telling myself every day. Continue on YOUR path and be authenticate! I love living my life full of beauty. Thank you for stopping by!

    2. I found your blog by following links on sites for dressing elegantly and well. Originally I was trying to find the exact wording of a Coco Chanel quote about how being well-dressed was good manners. (The exact quote turned out to be: "Being well-dressed is a beautiful form of politeness.")

      One of the sites had a link to "100 Ways to Be Elegant," which led me to your site. I loved the list (printed it out), and have been enjoying reading your entries.


  4. Hi Mrs. Shockley,

    I found your blog on Instagram. I'm a huge fan of Eva Mendes line at New York and Company and saw a post of you wearing a skirt with the same pattern as my green Eva Mendes dress. It was a green skirt with beautiful flowers. I too wear dresses and skirts everyday and I enjoy wearing lovely pearls and statement necklaces. I often get comments on how I am always "dressy" but I stay true to myself and what makes me happy. Please continue to be a lady and disregard rude people.

    Yours truly,

    Cynthia Childs

    1. Well hello Cindy!
      Thank you for visiting the blog! You love skirts too! Very good! I will say the same to you, stay true to yourself always. People are getting pretty bold with trying to bring others down with them. It gets harder with time but I always pray that my confidence gets stronger.