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Monday, March 27, 2017

Escape to the Country~ New Series on Netflix

Finding new shows to watch is like finding a treasure. With today's t.v. shows and movies I find it so hard to enjoy any of them. I talk with some of my co-workers and friends and for the most part I don't watch the same shows. It has been really hard for me lately to find shows to watch. I guess I am being too picky. I love Netflix! I always scroll through and see if they have any new goodies. Well, I found one!

Escape to the Country is a wonderful new series that has been added to Netflix. I found it last week and I have not stopped watching it! It is a British real-estate program. Each hostess takes the buyers around England in search for that perfect cottage and country view. It has been quite refreshing! I hope you can check it out soon. I know I have been enjoying it!

(photos via Pinterest)


  1. I love Escape to the Country! It is on BBC1 at 3pm each day, and they're now showing properties that were visited in 2016, so it's almost up-to-date. Glad that you can see this on Netflix!
    Margaret P

    1. I love the show!!! I hope they will put the new episodes on Netflix soon. I enjoy it so much!

  2. I am quickly coming up on the last of Season 1 and i sure hope Netfix picks up more! Even my husband is binge watching with me!