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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cooking is ~ A list of why cooking is Beautiful...

I jump on Amazon from time to time to check out new books. I have always been quite fascinated with how the French live. (see my blog entry here about how I am inspired)

I recently saw this book called " French Women Don't Get Fat".  So I took a "peek" inside and found this great list called "Cooking is". I think that it reminds us about how important home cooked meals are and how to enjoy our lives. I had to share this list....

~ Cooking is an act of love, for sure, as those of us who've cooked all our lives know that to spoil others is a great source of pleasure, even though for some who cook dinner every night it may sometimes seem like a chore.

~ Cooking is self-expression, a way of finding the aromas, colors, and flavors that define your personality.

~ Cooking is contemplative experience reaching and probing deep in our thoughts and emotions.

~ Cooking is memory, as it links to a person's culture and values. Whenever we eat something, the taste and memory of all the times we have eaten that dish live in the present.

~ Cooking is seduction, from creating the atmosphere and setting, to the giving of what is loved and shared, to the cumulative engagement of the senses and being.

 My Mediterranean salmon 

~ Cooking is relaxing, and focusing on your preparation can be a get away from daily stress.

~ Cooking is good for the mind, good for mental health, using your hands to craft a delicious and complete finished dish or meal.

~ Cooking is conversation, as a meal gathers values, tastes, rituals, and words that are passed on for generations and play an extremely important social role not only over holiday seasons.

~ Cooking is reading from a recipe in a cookbook or on the Internet, thus absorption and learning.

My chicken piccata, see recipe here.

~ Cooking is pleasure and an integral part of what is called l'equilibre alimentaire, a balanced approach to eating. 

~ Cooking is the reward for shopping.

~ Cooking is healthy. 

~ Cooking is slimming. 

I really enjoyed this list. It is much longer! I will be purchasing this book. I am sure I will enjoy it!

Thanks for reading!!!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Pinterest)
(List via Mireille Guiliano 

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