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Friday, November 6, 2015

The French Woman Inspires

I love learning about French women. What they eat, how the shop, decorate, and what they wear. Well, Sharon Santoni's book My Stylish French Girlfriends has exposed what it is like to live like the French.

I can not tell you how much I adore this book. It goes into details about each woman and what they do for work, how they live and how they accomplished their dreams. Each woman had a goal or dream and each one was able to make it come true. It is truly inspiring.

Here is a passage from one of the stories~

Who would have thought it possible to experience village life in the heart of Paris? To set your watch by the chimes of the church bells; to chat with the local baker as you buy your daily bread; to watch your children go to school on foot each morning and to shop at the farmers market a few minutes from your home?

Here is another passage from the book ~

They wanted to stay in the region and first visited the Chateau de la Marine, but it was beyond their budget. At one point this chateau belonged to the French Navy, from where it got its name. It has a beautiful view over the sea, and Catherine and Guy both loved it, but they stuck to their figures and regretfully continued looking.

Months of fruitless searching ensued until, disheartened, they went off sailing for three months, When they came back, they heard that the Chateau de la Marine remained unsold and decided to make an offer. It was meant to be; their offer was accepted and Catherine's dream suddenly became a reality. 

Chateau de la Marine 

I am truly inspired by the French. I love the thought of buying my food everyday. Walking to the beautiful bakeries. Only having the freshest ingredients everyday. It truly does inspire you. I will take some ideas and living habits from each one of these women and create my own life that will inspire. 

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