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Monday, August 31, 2015

Home Tour ~Dennis Basso's Blue & White Haven

For those of us who are QVC fans we all know who Dennis Basso is! He is the bright, funny man with great style. I love his faux furs on QVC as well as his throws.

Dennis has an eye for glamour so I was not at all surprised by his gorgeous home tour in the Hamptons. Talk about blue and white inspiration......

(all photos via Traditional Home)

Friday, August 28, 2015

My Visit to the Butterfly Floral Garden

Having a whimsical garden has always been my dream. My husband and I have planted quite a bit this spring. We planted some lilac, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, peonies, lilies, gladiolus and dahlias. I have really enjoyed my garden this spring and summer. But it was nothing like the flower garden at the Butterfly Gardens here at our zoo.

Our friends were in town from New York and my husband and I decided to take them around our city. Of course Indianapolis is nothing like New York but we knew there were some excellent places to visit.

This was my first visit and I did not expect to see this gorgeous garden when we entered the courtyard. I was completely stunned! It was breathtaking to me...

The entryway....

The weeping willows were so majestic....

Yes, they were growing real pineapples!

This was one of my favorite spots.

The lily pads 

Me enjoying the garden

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why I love Director Nancy Myers

I love interior design and there are some movies that have some rooms and houses that just make your heart sing! Director Nancy Myers has that gift. Most of her movies I have in my dvd collection. She does an incredible job with interior design. I don't know how she does it but I can't get enough of her work.

The movies that she has directed or produced are Private Benjamin, Baby Boom, Father of the Bride, The Parent Trap (1998), What Women Want, Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday and It's Complicated.

Her newest firm The Intern is set to hit the screens this year. I have already seen the decor for some of the rooms in that movie. She has a gift, that's all I can say. And she uses Pinterest as her source of inspiration! Fantastic right? Well, I had to share some of my favorite spaces from her films. If you have not checked out some of her movies you should. They are sure to inspire you!

The house from Baby Boom. Classic....

The living room

Father of the Bride house

Inside of the Father of the Bride house. Fantastic right?

Natasha Richardson and Lindsey Lohan in the Parent Trap (1998). The room, oh my....

"Elizabeth James", Natasha character's home. Gosh, I love the walls! Well done Nancy!

The outside of the home (Parent Trap, 1998)

The father's house in the Parent Trap, need I say more....

Helen Hunt as "Darcy Maguire" in What Women Want. Love the office!

Darcy's condo, wow....

Diane Keaton's house in the Hampton's from "Something's Gotta Give". So chic...

From Something's Gotta Give

The house in the movie.

Meryl Streep's kitchen from "It's Complicated". 

Her bakery

Her kitchen, just wonderful....

(all photos via Google)

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Butterfly Garden

Our friends came in from New York so we decided to take a trip to the zoo. We spent the whole day looking at animals and catching up on each other's lives. But once we were finished with the zoo we decided to visit the Butterfly Garden.

I have never been here before so it was a nice surprise when we entered the giant greenhouse....

This was a giant butterfly covered in flowers.

The butterflies were flying everywhere. 

This butterfly was huge

A butterfly mural 

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Friday, August 21, 2015

What the French Envy about the Americans

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I am devouring the new book called The French Beauty Solution. I said that I would continue to share some of the information in the chapters that author Mathilde Thomas discussed.

She wrote a section called, "What the French Envy about the Americans". I found this list very fascinating....

* Your sparkling white, straight teeth, thanks to years of fluoride-rich water and good dentistry and orthodontia. 

* Your strong muscles and bones. Perhaps it's the milk and meat and corn, you tend to eat as part of your regular diet when growing, but American women tend to look so much more fit and healthy than the French. Super- sporty cheerleaders and runners and gym-goers are always a source of awe.

* Your discipline when it comes to bad habits. Frenchwomen tend to smoke way too much. They know it's a terrible, life threatening habit, and they don't beat themselves up about it- when they should. Americans can go to the other extreme of "Oh my god, I'm going to get cancer if I have one cigarette", or "I'm an alcoholic if I have one glass of wine". That attitude will automatically make us want to light up and then order a bottle of Champagne.

* Your boundless energy. We just love America, and especially New York. Even though the city has been cleaned up in recent years, forcing out many of the artists and creative talent that gave New York its edge, there is still a special vibe and it is full of creative and ambitious people doing things to change the world. And, of course, Americans all over the country continually impress me with their innovation, ambition, gumption, and smarts, too.

These are just a few of the items on the list. I would encourage any one to buy this book. It has been a wonderful read.

Jewelry designer Osanna Visconti.

Jewelry designer Osanna Visconti di Modrone 

(photo via Pinterest)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Piano Lessons

Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to learn the piano. I played the clarinet in 5th grade and that was all. We didn't have piano lessons when I was in school and my mother was a single parent so money had to be spent on more important things.

But now, since I am an adult I figured I can learn at this stage in my life. I have the time and I really want to have something else in my life. Working, and being a mother are wonderful jobs but being able to do something for yourself keeps your emotions and mind at ease.

I heard that learning music makes you exercise a different part of the brain.  I want to keep my brain in excellent working condition and I want to add an excellent quality to my life. I have been taking piano lessons for a month and I am enjoying it!!! My teacher has over 20 years experience and is a feisty little lady. She is from Russia and has lived in Indianapolis for quite some time. She has a cute little studio on the south side and her prices are very reasonable.

 Right now, I am learning how to read music so that has been a great challenge! But I am doing very well and want to succeed. One song that I have learned to play is called "The Morning in Spring". It is very short and has taken me 2 weeks to learn.

I am very proud of myself and it has been a great joy to see my family come to the loft to hear me. My step-son has taken a great interest in my lessons. It makes me smile when he attempts to learn the music. He is in band so it is taking him no time to learn the music. If there is something that you have always wanted to learn then I would encourage you to pursue your dreams.

We are only making this journey once. Make it an elegant one.....

My teacher's studio

(photo via Julia

Monday, August 17, 2015

Things that Make You Age

This past July a wonderful book was released called The French Beauty Solution by Mathilde Thomas. I went to my local bookstore to take a peek at it too see if it was worth my purchasing. And I have had it a few weeks now and all I can say is Wow!

I have really enjoyed this book! For the next few weeks I will share some parts from some of the chapters. One section in the book that I just recently read was called, " What makes you look old". Here author Mathilde lists a few things that Frenchwomen try to avoid:

1. Foundation that's too thick, too obvious, or that isn't blended well. Having your face be a different tone from your neck or the rest of your body is a definite non. 

2. A super-matte, powdered face.

3. Eyebrows that are too thin or the wrong shape for your face.

4. Neon or super- bright colors. Soften your palette as you get older.

5. Lip liner that is obvious, especially if it's darker than your lipstick.

6. Yellow teeth

7. Not eating well. When you starve yourself into thinness, it shows on your face. Or when you deprive yourself of delicious food, it makes you feel and look pinched.

8. Not getting enough sleep.

9. Too much stress

10. Not being dynamic. Being out of shape is an instant ager.

These are just a few from the list. I will share more from the book as I continue to read it. It is a wonderful book and I would encourage anyone to buy it!

The author Mathilde Thomas

Images via Google