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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Goodwill Shopping in New York

I had to visit a Goodwill store while vacationing in New York. So while my husband was at the Yankee's game I went Goodwill shopping!

Let me start by saying I have never been in a Goodwill store that had security. This Goodwill store had a security guard at the front door! I was blown away! But once I started to look around I then realized why they did.

There were some nice things in this goodwill. It sure wasn't like the goodwill stores we have back home! There were lots of designer clothes and shoes. There were rows of china and dishes. I was in heaven! Some of you know how I LOVE to shop at the Goodwill store, consignment stores and flea markets (see my blog entry here about that). I also love finding antiques and learning about them (see my blog entry here about vintage pieces).

So take at look below of all the goodwill shopping I did while on vacation and photos from a few other stores I visited. Thanks for reading!

Shelves and shelves of dishes and china

The teacups were so pretty

They had silver or silver plated teapots. I was not sure which it was but it was beautiful. 

So many clothes!

Look at this Jones New York coat for only $29.99. 
It was in excellent condition!

This was a great Anne Klein coat!

I couldn't believe the price on this classic London Fog trench coat!
Only $19.99!

I loved this Calvin Klein coat!

But I ended up buying this LL Bean wool coat for only $12.99!
It is $249 online! Fantastic!

I purchased these crystal candle holders for about $4 each.
These shoes were another great find! I paid only $9.99 for them and they are 
about $200 online (see here). 

This photo was from the Homegoods store in New Jersey.
I loved these blue and white dishes. I purchased one of the ginger jars from this collection. 

I loved this polka dot teapot at the Homegoods store!
Very cute!

More dishes and I love the chandelier candle holder.

I also purchased these shoes from Ninewest for $22.
Here is the ginger jar from the blue and white collection and I loved this
white tea cup trimmed in gold. 

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