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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Colonial in New Jersey

My family and I traveled to New York City last week. We just returned home yesterday because the kids start school on Thursday! Good Grief!! School is getting earlier and earlier. It really does cut into your summer vacation. But anyway, we did enjoy our 5 day stay in New York.

For the next few weeks I will be sharing what we did during our vacation. I love New York! We saw so much of the city. But lets move on to where we stayed.....

My husband has a friend whom he met in the military. He and his wife live in Wyckoff, New Jersey. They have a beautiful home. It was built in the 1970's and Marc has been doing a great job updating it. Below are photos of the home. I loved this home so much and my family and I are so fortunate to have friends who are willing to share their home with us.

The outside of the home

My friend's Suburban. I felt like a celebrity being picked up and dropped of
at every location and look at this huge driveway!

A photo of the backyard

Some of the front yard. They had a lot of yard!

The fantastic backyard. My daughter loved the pool!

All this space was great for entertaining. 

We made a few meals with this grill. It was great!

The pool

This was a Japanese maple tree. 
Marc said that it was planted there by the original owners. 
It was a Korean family and the tree has been there for about 40 years!

This was the living room. Sorry the photo was dark but it had great wood furniture & orchids! 

They had beautiful vintage chandeliers all over the home.

This was the downstairs bathroom.

The hallway and stairs with the original wood floors!

This was the hallway upstairs. I just adored this chandelier!

This was the gorgeous dinning room. Don't you just love the chandelier? Ana also had
Marc's family's china dishes in the cabinet and she is a collector of Swarovski crystal. 

The chandelier up close. I purchased these lilies in the Floral District.

The playroom. I love the puppet show that they had! Just fun!

This was my view every morning from the sun room. 
I loved having breakfast out here every morning and reading. 

The sun room. I loved the paint colors and the detail on the walls.

I loved this painting in the sun room.

This was where I was every morning enjoying the sun room. 

Thanks for reading!!!

(all photos by Mrs. Shockley)

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