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Friday, April 18, 2014

Splendid Ways to Wear a Scarf

Like many of you I love wearing scarves. Scarves can really dress up an ensemble or dress it down. They are very versatile and comfortable. I own several scarves and pashminas.

Pashminas are a great accessory to have because they are beautiful and functional. I always carry a pashmina when are know we are traveling, going to the movies, or visiting a doctor's office (because they always seem to be cold) and I keep an extra one at work.

Sometimes it can be quite daunting to find a new way to where your scarf. I was doing some research on scarf tying and found a company called Maitai Collection. Maitai's blog shows you how to tie a scarf and  how to build and accessorize a capsule wardrobe.

Her scarves are beautiful and I love her scarf rings. She has great style and just superb elegance. You should also take a look at her blog and facebook page. She has the biggest Hermes collection I have ever seen. So pull out your best scarves and get inspired by Maitai's scarf tutorial. The links are below. Enjoy!

How-to wear scarves - Hermes scarf in a weave ... - YouTube

How to wear a scarf as a necklace - YouTube

How-to wear scarves - Hermes scarf in a twist wrap - YouTube

(photos via Google)

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