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Friday, April 4, 2014

Chanel Inspired

Chanel is known as one of the most glamorous couture fashion lines of all time. You can't say "Chanel without thinking elegance.  The Chanel bag is one of the most sought after bags of all time. I know for a fact that they cannot keep them in consignment shops.

I love finding Chanel accessories at flea markets, boutiques,  and online.  I recently started back on my quest for finding Chanel accessories once I was inspired by Mrs. Trina' s fashion videos. She has such excellent taste and I love watching her "unboxing" videos.

I recently made the following purchases and think they are fabulous:


The white pearl necklace is one big necklace that you can wrap around twice. It is fantastic! My next purchase was some Chanel earrings.


My next purchase was the gorgeous Chanel GST (grand shopping tote). I love it! When I saw Mrs. Trina's video on it I just thought, "What a chic bag". It comes with this beautiful dust bag. When you open the flap there is a drawing of Chanel. It is called the Chanel GST in cream, caviar leather, with gold hardware. It sits comfortable on your arm and there is lots of space in it. It is just fabulous!

My next purchase was a pair of Chanel sunglasses with the bow. I think they are so feminine! 

My last purchase was this Chanel mug from Etsy. I thought what a great item to have to carry my chi-tea around in. Very chic!

I am very happy with my purchases. I will enjoy them. Below is Mrs. Trina's videos of her Chanel items. Enjoy!!

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