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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Philosophy Facial Care- A Review

Here is another great product from Philosophy and Clarisonic. After I purchased my body care from Philosophy and my friend (after doing) another "unboxing" for me; I went ahead and tried the Purity facial cleanser. I used it for about a month and saw drastic changes in my skin. I looked fresh and it felt clean! My color changed and it looked smoother. I just love it! So I also purchased the moisturizers and they are fantastic. The Hope in a Jar night and day cream were just what I needed. The coverage is great and my face doesn't feel dry and it is smooth.

My Clarisonic is just heaven sent!! My face has just improved. It is the best!!! It was really expensive I paid $150 for it but it was worth every penny! I use the Purity cleanser with my Clarisonic twice a day and I really enjoy it. If you can't afford the Clarisonic then try the Spa Sonic. I heard that it is a good product for the money. Below is a link to a YouTube video from the Daily Connoisseur.  She does an excellent review on both.

My products at home

(photo via Mrs. Shockley)

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