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Friday, September 13, 2019

Vintage Shopping and New Purchase

Good Friday Morning Everyone,

These weekends sure do come fast and leave quickly. I can't believe it's the middle of September.... already!

We had a hot week this week. It was in the '90s. No fun, but I know some people want to hold on to summer for as long as they can. Today's post will mimic my YouTube video from last weekend. 

I am not sure if any of you got to watch my video but I found some wonderful items at our local consignment store. Shopping consignment is always a great way to find unique pieces at great prices.  So let's dive right into my new finds...

The first items that I picked up at the Toggery were these vintage pairs of clip-on earrings, vintage cocktail ring, tear-drop earrings, and red bangle bracelet. I have worn all of these this week and they all looked great!

Next was this adorable vintage teacup. I loved the colors, designs and thought it would look incredibly chic on my dresser. I only paid .90 for it. How could I refuse? 

And one of the last things that I picked up was this beautiful leaf embellished vase. It was only $28 but I forgot to take a photo of it. Sorry!

To finish off my shopping weekend, my family and I went to our Fashion Mall to look around. I picked up these beautiful blue and white ginger jar Christmas ornaments at Williams Sonoma.  They were only $4 each! And I had no idea that I would find the following...

I spotted these beautiful Gucci Rajah totes! Oh heavens...

Now, these totes were inspired by fashion entrepreneur Hattie Carnegie. I "googled" her and was completely taken by her background. 

My husband was partial to this one. It's beautiful but it just didn't sing to me. 

They also had jewelry. These pieces were also inspired by Hattie's vintage jewelry. 

I made a purchase!

And here it is! This is the Gucci Tweed Rajah tote and I do adore it. I don't want to be one of those people that acts like they purchase luxury bags all the time. I put a lot of thought into my major purchases and always discuss them with my husband. He was there when I purchased this so I got a nod from him. 

I really enjoy sharing beautiful things and don't want people to think that I have this glamorous life. Things happen but I am a woman who wants to live well (within our means) and enjoy it! My video is below if you wish to watch it. Enjoy your weekend!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Beautiful Hand Soaps

Good Morning Everyone,

Sorry for the no post on Monday. I was really tired by the end of the day and just wanted to get to bed. I still managed to get behind schedule on Monday and we left the house late. Never fun....

Today I just wanted to share these new hand soaps at Bath and Body Works.

This is the blackberries and basil scent and it smells just like blackberries. It is lovely and one cannot argue about these beautiful bottles. 

This was actually one of my favorites. It is a wonderful blend of soft cotton and jasmine. 

Cucumber lily is always a favorite of mine. I can't get enough of the lily of the valley scent. 

This is actually very refreshing. I love the smell of eucalyptus. Fresh eucalyptus is always the best! It's a wonderful addition in my flower bouquets. 

Now with rose water & ivy, I really could not fall in love with it. I don't know why but I am not a fan and that is okay. I think it could be the musk that could be pushing me away but I am not sure. 

I hope that you can all go and take a few minutes to go and smell these. Sometimes I like to just window shop and just enjoy my time in places and not spend any money. Enjoying feminine products, I think, is another way to have an elegant life. Enjoy your Wednesday!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Friday, September 6, 2019

A Provence Tour

It's Friday and I am feeling inspired. Tomorrow the St. Joan of Arc here in our city is having it's Annual French Market. I just learned about this about a month ago. Those Facebook event calendars are a great resource!

I have been viewing some of the photos from the past events and trying to get a feel for what the environment may be like. This year I made a goal to attend more events. So far so good. Today's post is a beautiful home tour of a property located in Provence.

I can't tell you how many times I have dreamed of visiting Provence. I mean I think about it almost daily. I recently read about Sharon Santoni's Italy tours.  I showed my husband the information and we both think that this is perfect for us. You have someone with you the entire time you are in Provence, and they take you antique shopping, there are flower arranging courses, and I mean the list just goes on and on. I told my husband this maybe the best route that we can take to go to Provence. It would be a dream for me.

Okay back to this beautiful home tour that I found on Traditional Home.

How would you like to walk up to this beautiful door? This door was made by a company in Provence and the stone has been dated back to 1699! How wonderful is that?

The couple has this beautiful iron day bed outside. It is being used as a bench. I never would have thought of that but how chic. Look and are those climbing roses?

The french tapestry is of a antique cartoon and the chandelier was designed by friends who used Italian artifacts. 

The couple had the floors made with creamy Jerusalem stone. I actually like the green pillows. They give the room a pop of color but still in a subtle way. 

French artisan assisted in helping to get the Provencal details right. Glazed cabinets and limestone counter-tops along with this stunning French range hood complete this elegant kitchen. 

Oh my goodness! I adore this 19th century Provencal boiserie.

What a beautiful room. Couldn't you wake up to this? The painting is of Madame Le Fevre Caumartin and is a copy. The room is decorated beautifully and not over done. 

I hope that you enjoyed this beautiful home. If you wish to read the original article you may read it here. There are more rooms to explore and gain inspiration from. I hope you all enjoy your Friday and your weekend! 

(photos via Traditional

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Learning about Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunks

Good Morning,

It is Wednesday and we are close to wrapping up this short week. I missed my opportunity to go antique shopping up north but it's okay. I have a birthday coming up soon and will be taking the day off. I will definitely squeeze that in. 

On Monday, I talked about all of the articles that I read on Traditional and one of the articles was about vintage Louis Vuitton trunks. 

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these but I have never seen one in person. The history behind this elegant brand just never ceases to amaze me. 

The article said, "Monsieur Vuitton began designing luggage in 1854, but it wasn’t until the 1890s when son George wrapped valises in LV-monogram canvas in an attempt to thwart copycats. In 1959, when the smart set began to tote some of their own baggage, grandson Gaston Vuitton lightened their load with "soft" luggage, required accouterments for swanning around Charles de Gaulle airport." 

The soft luggage sounds wonderful but it's the heavier trunks that are more desirable. There is so much you could do with one. I know for me I would definitely use one as a table. It's a must, right?

Just look at that. It is absolutely outstanding! I would love to purchase one at an auction. The article talked about them selling at auctions for as low as $2,000! That's almost cheaper than a bag itself!

The article also stated,
"Luggage collectors love the ripe aroma of aged, honey-colored leather and a good vintage (pre-1950). "They shouldn’t have that spooky attic smell or stains inside," cautions Rutherford. Lost keys also depress value. But compared to retail, Vuitton luggage is a bargain at auction and buyers are never wait-listed." 

I am hoping to own one someday. I believe they are timeless and will never lose value. It's a classic antique piece to own. I hope that you enjoyed this quick little bit of vintage history. If you wish to read the original article you may view it here.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

(photos via Pinterest & Traditional

Monday, September 2, 2019

Inspiring Details

Happy Monday Morning!

I am in the comfort of my own home today. It's Labor Day and a great day to enjoy being at home. Love having these three-day weekends. It's a time to get caught up, re-organize at home and to sneak in some shopping. I found some beautiful scarfs at H&M. I can't wait to wear them soon.

Time for a little home inspiration. Have you ever found a pin on Pinterest and could not find the source? Always irritating but I finally found the source for one of my favorite pins. Once I found it, it was like going down a rabbit hole. I could not leave the website and found many more articles to read.

I'm talking about Traditional Home Magazine and this glamorous 1970's Toronto home that was "frenchified" by designer Colette van de Thillart.

Oh my... can I have the chairs....please? Now these chairs are antique wood framed. Sighing... love, love, and the blue and white print. Need I say more?

Fresh flowers elevate any room. 

The kitchen is very appealing as well. Love the valance and sink skirt. The pattern and dark colors help break up all the white. 

Now I am normally a crystal chandelier kind of girl but this over-sized lantern by Vaughan has been thinking twice. Isn't that elegant? 

You guys know that I love this room. The paint color? But of course. Love the lilac paint color and creamy color hues of the room. I only dream of having a sitting area like this in my bedroom. 

The sitting area in the room. A dream....

And this is the guest bedroom! How fantastic! I would love to be able to have a beautiful guest bedroom such as this! Love the bedspread. It's by Gluckstein. 

And finally here is the designer herself. Is anyone else trying to figure out where to find this umbrella? Wow!

I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful and inspiring home tour. If you wish to read the original article you may do so here. I hope you all enjoy your Monday!

(photos via Traditional Home. com)

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Clear Tote

Hello three-day weekend! I am looking forward to enjoying my extra day off. With the holidays fast approaching and other year end deadlines, I relish any extra time I can get. 

Did any of you ever own a clear tote? Let's say in middle school or maybe high school? I know I did and it did not look this chic. I saw this tote on another blogger's website and thought wow! That is the chicest clear tote I have ever seen.

This lovely bag is called the clear stripe tote from Mark and Graham. This company seems to have a pretty good handle on chic bags. I mentioned their Concourse Tote here on the blog back in April. 

Image result for mark and graham clear striped tote

Now I am not a clear tote kinda of gal but this will make you think twice! I can really see me owning this! It's really beautiful to me and also comes in navy and green.

Image result for mark and graham clear striped tote

Love the idea about having a monogram on it with my initials. One thing is for sure, I won't see too many people here with it. I will keep it on my list. 

I hope that you all enjoyed this new little find. I will try to work on posting a new video to my YouTube channel. We will see how everything works out. Enjoy your long weekend!

(photos via

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Vintage Rose Pillowcases

Hello Wednesday and hopefully the beginning to cooler weather. We all get advertisements all the time and normally they are for things I would not buy but for some reason this beautiful vintage rose pillow sham came across my screen and I just fell in love immediately.

Image result for laurel duvet pillow sham

I am now on the hunt for vintage rose pillow shams. The first one was the one I originally wanted. I went to Pier One to try and find it but my location is very small and had limited items there.

But then I found this second one called Laurel duvet pillow sham and it is more stunning than the first. Oh now my decision making has become harder!


Then I remember the Monique Lhuillier Rose Bouquet Collection at Pottery Barn and these pillow shams are gorgeous also. It's hard because now that we have that new paint color I have to be aware of all of my decor choices. I am not as free as I was. I must make wise decisions and be aware of the room. So we will see. I will continue to look around and see what else is out there. But I think that number 2 would look splendid on our bed. Even with the paint color.

I will take my time in my search. I want to find some pillow shams that I love and are good quality so I know that I will have to pay a little more for something good. If you guys see anything that I might like please share!  

Thanks for reading!

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