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Friday, March 27, 2020

A Novel: The Signature of All Things

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Good Morning Everyone,

We are at the close of another week. It still doesn't seem real. With all this going on, I don't think any of us could have imagined our year beginning like this.

I will say with all of the negative news and whatnot... I am still trying to enjoy my life, work, family and home. While Lauren has been home we have been working on money worksheets. Sounds juvenile I know but they don't teach about money anymore in schools. I have also had her working on cursive writing. Now, these lessons don't thrill her but I told her she will thank me later.

I mentioned on Friday's post that I was trying to find a novel to read and I think I may have found one. This is called The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. Below is a synopsis...

Spanning much of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the novel follows the fortunes of the extraordinary Whittaker family as led by the enterprising Henry Whittaker—a poor-born Englishman who makes a great fortune in the South American quinine trade, eventually becoming the richest man in Philadelphia. Born in 1800, Henry’s brilliant daughter, Alma (who inherits both her father’s money and his mind), ultimately becomes a botanist of considerable gifts herself. As Alma’s research takes her deeper into the mysteries of evolution, she falls in love with a man named Ambrose Pike who makes incomparable paintings of orchids and who draws her in the exact opposite direction—into the realm of the spiritual, the divine, and the magical. Alma is a clear-minded scientist; Ambrose a utopian artist—but what unites this unlikely couple is a desperate need to understand the workings of this world and the mechanisms behind all life.

Now doesn't this sound like a wonderful novel? 

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I remember Laura Slatkin the maker of Nest Fragrances discussing how she was stranded in an airport and how she stumbled on this book because of the beautifully illustrated cover. She said she read the book and it was wonderful and it became the inspiration behind her fragrance Verde. 

Vladimir Kanevsky lily of the valley in Laura Slatkin dining room

You have to watch her wonderful home tour, how she entertains, and the inspiration from the book!

Image result for nest fragrance verde

Now I am in Chapter 2 and really enjoyed Chapter 1. The book is really well written and is quite interesting. The first chapter was soo good. I really liked it and read some of it to my husband. If you are curious I would encourage you to download a sample onto your Kindle if you have one. That's what I did and that's what sold me on purchasing the book. Have a great week everyone!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

App Love: Like to Know It

Good Morning Everyone,

Still working from home. The governor of Indiana has issued a mandatory "stay at home" order. We can still go to the store, pharmacies and essential jobs are considered exempt. We will see how things go for the rest of the week with this. 

Since everyone has to stay home at the moment it has given me the opportunity to explore new apps. I know there have been several times where I am on Instagram and a blogger posts something that I love and I click on it and it takes me to the app called LiketoKnowIt.

This always irritated me until recently. So I made the decision this past weekend to download this app and I must say I am hooked! 

This app gives you access to all of their home decor and clothes. My Amazon lists are full and for the most part, everything is affordable.

One person that I am following on the app is called My Texas House.

She has great taste and because I am following her on LiketoKnowit I get all of the links and information on all of her sources. 

Like that beautiful wall mirror in this photo is from Home Depot. 

My Texas House By Orian Lady Bird Area Rug -

Or this gorgeous bench from Wayfair. Even though I like this one better for my bedroom. 

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Another item that I found was this very elegant flare dress on Amazon. I'm still thinking about ordering this. 

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This sophisticated and chic electronic organizer is something else that I found on LiketoKnowit. 

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And I can't forget to share these feminine flower earrings. 

I found so many gorgeous things on this app. 

And I could not resist ordering this Audrey tortoise sunglasses as well. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have seen this app before I would encourage you to download it. You will find lots of beautiful things!

Have a great day!

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Spring Cleaning in Other Areas

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend, practicing social distancing I am sure. I did quite a bit of online shopping. Oh my gosh, I have about 6 packages arriving this week. 

I am sure that some of you saw on my Instagram that my 3-tier plate pedestal arrived and I couldn't love it more!

Image may contain: table and indoor

I look forward to using it. Also arriving in the mail was my gorgeous pair of polka dot kitten heels from Ann Taylor. They were 60% off with free shipping!

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I will share my other items once they arrive. Since I am home more that leaves more time for reading. My husband picked up a copy of Real Simple Magazine for me and as I was flipping through I saw an article called, "5 Things to Clean this Spring (No Elbow Grease Required)". 

The writer gave 5 areas to clean in our lives besides our homes. 

1) Your conversations
I found this one to be interesting...

"One way we can "clean up" our conversations, especially with kids, is by talking about people as individuals rather than as a part of a group. You might think to tell your daughter that girls like math are good because you're countering a nefarious stereotype. But in fact, when you talk about girls as a category, you set up a structure that allows others stereotypes to seep in. Get in the habit of talking about individual strengths; describe one woman as great at math, another as great at something else". 

~ Katherine D. Kinzler, PHD

Celebrating The Little Lady | Gal Meets Glam

2) Your Schedule

This gave me new insight into my routines. 

"Look for commitments in our schedule that fill you with dread- those things you've been doing the same way for years, like a weekly staff meeting- and create new, less time-consuming ways to handle them. Try walking-and-talking meetings. Instead of sitting face-to-face, you can circle the block, which sets a natural time limit. You'll also be moving and in the sun, and discussing hard things can seem easier. It works with kids and family too! Revamping how we fulfill our responsibilities can make them less onerous, and it carves out more time to do things we want to do". 

~ Sam Horn
CEO of the Intrigue Agency 

Rose arbor at the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

I hope that you all can find a copy of the magazine and read the other suggestions. I believe that spring cleaning all aspects of life can bring about great change and ideas. 

Enjoy your Monday!

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Beauty

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I just wanted to share some beautiful pictures from my Pinterest boards. I will be doing a little spring cleaning this weekend, watching The Martha Stewart Show (on Dabl, a cable channel we recently found), and trying to find a great novel to read. 

My bouquet at home. #ahomeforelegance

My home last summer...

Interior Luxe | ♕LadyLuxury♕

Porch Gardens Blooming, Small Space Living  and More!

Dreaming of a floral spring... 

Caramel Crepe Cake

Beautiful romantic pink peony.  They bloom in June here in VT and are gone too quickly.  May favorite flower.  #garden #stowemeadows

"We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on difficulties". 
~ Oswald Chambers. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

English Garden from Martha Stewart

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! So I have been working from home for the last three days and it has been wonderful. I am so glad that we were allowed to do this. I feel like I can focus more because there are limited distractions and drama.

Okay everyone, elegant alert. Has anyone seen the new Martha Stewart English Garden collection? I went last weekend to Macy's take a peek and it is quite lovely.

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Now I only wanted the teapot but you have to purchase the teapot set in order to get it. 
Image result for martha stewart english garden collection teapot set

Image result for martha stewart english garden collection

It is a beautiful set but I am going to wait until it goes on sale before I order it.

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And it appears that Martha has expanded on the collection and is offering more accessories. The English Planter and pitcher are quite charming and affordable.

I hope that this festive spring collection puts a smile on your face. It did for me. I have been taking a short break from the news. I need to reset my brain for a bit. I hope that we will get a handle on this virus soon. I feel so sorry for the elderly and the senior class students. What a shame it will be if they can't walk across the stage in a few months. Help us Lord....

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Monday, March 16, 2020

A Victorian I Would Want to Embrace....

Good Morning Everyone,

So much going on in the world right now. I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends as much as you could. I posted a new Youtube video sharing some beautiful things that I was able to get.

Well in today's post I wanted to share this gorgeous Victorian mansion that is for sale in my state! It is called the Schenck Bed and Breakfast Mansion built in 1874.


Now I looked at the website and it does appear to still be a bed and breakfast but those bedrooms need a little more t.l.c. 

For instance, this is the Eugenia Schenck Room I would change the bedding. Something a little more crisp, clean and up to date. 


I do love this entryway. I could see some hardwood floors, a round table with a beautiful bouquet on it, some chinoiserie wallpaper and a beautiful vintage chandelier. 

Maybe a vintage rug....


This room is gorgeous. There would be a few things I would change but it would be so hard trying to update a place like this. You would want to keep the original items so it would be hard. 


I would want to have the cabinets painted and the walls painted as well. Some new light fixtures would be nice but like I said it would be hard trying to update and keep with the originality of the home. 


This home is absolutely beautiful to me...


Can't you see it? Beautiful blue and white planters with lemon trees in them or full and gorgeous mandevilles? 


The beautiful land around it.... the amount of landscaping one could do. 

Thank you for going along on this journey with me. I only dream to be able to renovate something like this. I love historic homes and hope that we always appreciate them and take care of them. 

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Friday, March 13, 2020

An Elegant Welcome

Hello Friday,

We are still adjusting to the time change. I know some of you are too. In today's post, I wanted to know if any of you have a three-tier cake tray? I just realized that I don't own one. 

I saw these beauties on Etsy and figured I think I would like to have one of those.

Aren't these gorgeous? I will be searching eBay and Etsy for the next few days to find one that is perfect for my needs and our home life. 

Whenever we have guests, I always put out some sort of food or drinks. It makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. I believe it helps people to know that you were thinking of them. 

I know that if I walked in and saw a beautiful stand like this I would feel welcomed and it would make me smile. Receiving guests is very important in this age of technology. Receiving them well. 

Please let me know in the comments section below if you have a cake stand? I would love to know if you use it. Have a great weekend everyone!

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